Side Note SL: arch series Magna Pia

Side Note SL is a documentary video series exploring the different facets of the Sweat Lodge artists’ lives and its events.

This new episode features a 30 minute extract from Magna Pia’s live performance at the arch concert series in Berlin, September 2020. At each event three live acts transmit their personal take on post-club ambience, experimental, minimalist and avant-garde music.

The highly regarded techno and experimental artist prepared an entirely new live set for the event, drawing on his classical training and broad musical skill set. Expertly presented, Magna Pia’s moody, transcendent chord sequences, crisp IDM drum programming and lush moments of modulated electronics were a highlight from the series.

Original Music Performed Live by Magna Pia at Prince Charles Berlin 16.09.20
Directed, Shot & Edited by Jaś Miszewski
Additional Camera: Paul Gredig
Mastering by Mathias Schober Studios
Titles Design: Eliza Roguska
Event Production: Sweat Lodge Agency, Inland/Ed Davenport, Mathias Schober
Media Partner: Inverted Audio