Sweat Lodge x Ten

Sweat Lodge Turns 10 with a Worldwide Tour. The first 15 dates have been announced.

Over the past ten years Sweat Lodge has slowly cultivated a roster of artists in quite a unique way. At its core, the agency has always based its work on personal connections. It is this ethos that makes Sweat Lodge more than the sum of its parts. The strong bond between the Berlin home base and its artists was born out of friendship and developed into a successful working partnership.

Like any relationship it hasn’t always been plain sailing, but reaching the ten year milestone calls for proper celebrations. Sweat Lodge have put together a worldwide tour to mark the occasion that kicks off June 2016 and will run through January 2017. These events will showcase the wide array of fantastic artists the outfit is proud to represent, as well as marking a long journey of hard work in a party fashion with venues and organizers which a strong bond has been formed with over the years. First 15 Dates have been announced with much more coming soon.

03 Jun Iris Beach Club, Beirut
Baikal & Locked Groove

14 Aug Glazart, Paris
Hunter/Game + Baikal + Mattheis Live + Nuno Dos Santos + Aera + Quarion + Special Guests Isolée & Gilb’R

27 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
Baikal, Ed Davenport, John Daly Live

03 Sep Kyo, Singapore Part I
Locked Groove + Ed Davenport

10 Sep De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
Hunter/Game, The Drifter B2B Aera

15 Sep The Block, Tel Aviv
Mano Le Tough + Mattheis Live + Honey Dijon + Inland Live

17 Sep Romy S, Stuttgart

Locked Groove + The Drifter

01 Oct Nitsa, Barcelona

The Drifter + Nuno Dos Santos + Mattheis Live

01 Oct Indigo, Istanbul
Locked Groove + Aera

11 Nov Gewolbe, Cologne
Baikal + Nuno Dos Santos

12 Nov Papaya Playa Project, Tulum

Aera + Locked Groove

03 Dec Kyo, Singapore Part II
Baikal + The Drifter

07 Dec Mondo, Madrid
Mano Le Tough + Mattheis Live

16 Dec PIXI, Athens

Locked Groove + Pisetzky

28 Jan Village Underground, London

Baikal, Locked Groove, Ed Davenport, Nuno Dos Santos