SL Welcomes Lossless

Sweat Lodge welcomes the Lossless roster Mathias Schober, Neil Flynn, Anthony Georges Patrice, and SBTH.

Lossless is a Berlin based record label, founded by Mathias Schober and Thomas Herb early 2014. Lossless is more than a label – it’s like a tribe driven by proficient craft and gradual, joint evolution with its artists.

In its three years lifespan, Lossless has put out 15 forward-thinking-house music releases, coming from a selected group of up and coming producers like Irishman Neil Flynn, Portuguese wonder boy Trikk, the French banana Anthony Georges Patrice, meticulous and long standing Dutch electronica professor Love Over Entropy or labelhead Mathias Schober himself – under his real name, as SB, SHOW-B or together with his companion Thomas Herb under their SBTH moniker. Together with Trikk, Schober just recently originated the promising new project Internacional Electrical Rhythms.