Sweat Lodge x Weekender

The Sweat Lodge x Weekender annual event will take place the first weekend of May at Berlin’s ://about blank on three floors with an array of the agency’s artists and a special guest.

Achterbahn D’amour (Acid Test)
Aera Live (Maeve)
Baaz (Office Recordings)
Elie Eidelman (JackOff)
Jay Shepheard (Retrofit)
Joel Alter (Uncanny Valley)
Jona (Aeon)
Matthias Vogt (Polytone)
Nuno Dos Santos (SoHaSo)
Orion (Gknstr)
Quarion (Retreat)
Snuffo Live (In the Dark Again)
Staffan Linzatti (Searchlight)

+ Special Guest

Tickets Via RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?697787

May 2/3 Doors open at Midnight