The Lot Radio: Justin Strauss

This month’s The Lot Radio show by Justin Strauss is up on the archived.

“Since the pandemic I’ve been doing them from home, collaborating with Pamela Villalobosl who has been doing amazing visuals for the shows. I’ve been using the shows as a soundboard for how I’m feeling at the moment. This show starts with some words from my friend Keith Haring on how art and politics and life are one in the same. And how he used his art to get those messages across. With November approaching I am deeply worried about another four years of what we’ve been living through. I have nightmares about it. DT has brought out the worst this country has to offer, yes it always been there, but he has legitimized their voice and empowered them. I knew it was going to be bad when he “won”, but even I didn’t know or could imagine how bad it would get. This November will be the most important election this country has had in my lifetime, and if there is any hope of returning to some sense of decency, I urge everyone one to get out and vote. Biden/Harris may not be the dream ticket we wanted or perfect by any means, but it will hopefully get us back to a place we can keep fighting for what’s right. And fight we must, because I fear after another four years of this, there will be nothing left to fight for” Justin Strauss