The Lot Radio: Justin Strauss

“Mixtapes. I was fortunate growing to have a dad that was/is an audiophile and into music. From a very young age he showed me how to use the reel to reel tape machines he had.

I started as a kid playing around with them and by doing interviews with my family members. Soon after I started recording music I liked on them. When cassettes became popular is when I really started using mixtapes as a way of expressing myself and how I was feeling at the moment I was recording them. I used them as an audio diary for myself, and sonic love letters to girlfriends, and to share music I loved with my friends.

Not much has changed really and I approach my monthly The Lot Radio in much the same way, and I really look forward to doing them. This months is up on the archive now, with the link in my bio, and since I can’t do them from the Lot Radio studio that I miss so much, I’ve been using various illustrations for my picture.” Justin Strauss