Tour Dates Week #10

Cooper Saver tours Australia, African Acid is the Future in Prague, Long Vehicle in Berlin, and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

05.03 Justin Strauss at Sacré, Paris

05.03 PAG TLV Purim at Alphabet, Tel Aviv

06.03 Cooper Saver at Harpoon Harrys, Sydney

06.03 Lauer at OFF Yard, Frankfurt

06.03 African Acid is the Future with Maryisonacid and Dauwd at Fuchs2, Prague

06.03 Sevensol for Long Vehicle at Zur Klappe, Berlin

06.03 Pharaoh at Breakfast Club, Tel aviv

07.03 Jamaica Suk for Pornceptual at 2204, Kiev

07.03 Cooper Saver at Pitch Festival, Moyston

07.03 Underspreche for EINMOMENT at Volt, Hamburg

07.03 Manamana at objekt klein a, Dresden

07.03 Lauer at Kaiku, Helsinki

07.03 Oliver Deutschmann for made of Concrete at Mono, Bautzen

08.03 Tim Sweeney for Members Only at Market, New York

08.03 Neele at City Club, Augsburg

08.03 Cooper Saver at Robert Burns Hotel, Melbourne

05.03 Mattheis at Happy Buddha, Duong Dong  
06.03 Mattheis at The Lighthouse, HCMC  

Photo taken by Love Over Entropy in Lausanne, Switzerland