Tour Dates Week #14

Masters Club, De Marktkantine, IfZ, Stereo Bar, Lizdas, PIP, and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

04 Apr Oliver Deutschmann at 44KW, Beijing
04 Apr Nuno Dos Santos for Bordello A Parigi x SoHaSo, Amsterdam
05 Apr Mano Le Tough for BLACK at Avant Gardner, Brooklyn
05 Apr Hunter/Game at Lizdas, Kaunas
05 Apr Love Over Entropy Live at Masters Club, Zagreb
05 Apr Inland, BNJMN Live and Locked Groove at Griessmuehle, Berlin
05 Apr Yogg and Pharaoh at The Block, Tel Aviv
06 Apr Mano Le Tough at Stereo Bar, Montreal
06 Apr Map.ache at Die Rakete, Nürnberg
06 Apr Mathias Schober at Musikbunker, Aachen
06 Apr Perm Live at PIP, Den Haag
06 Apr Nuno Dos Santos at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
06 Apr Sevensol at IfZ, Leipzig
06 Apr Oliver Deutschmann at Wilden Renate, Berlin
07 Apr Map.ach at Kauz, Zurich