Tour Dates Week #18

Village Underground, Something Happening Somewhere, Zhao Dai, Far Away, Cabaret Eden and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

30 Apr Locked Groove at Cabaret Eden, Ulm
30 Apr Cassegrain at Griessmühle, Berlin
30 Apr The Drifter & Quarion at Wilden Renate, Berlin
01 May Hunter/Game at Rive Ti Traiano, Terracina
02 May Jamaica Suk at TBA, TBA
03 May Mano Le Tough at Village Underground, London
03 May Map.ache at Zhao Dai, Beijing
03 May Oliver Deutschmann at Veto Social Club, Ibiza
03 May Nuno Dos Santos for SoHaSo at Ekko, Utrecht
03 May Perm at Elipamanoke, Lepizig
03 May Baikal at Suicide Circus, Berlin
03 May Yogg & Pharaoh at The Block, Tel Aviv
04 May Cooper Saver for Far Away, Los Angeles
04 May Shinedoe at Club Brebl, Nijmegen
04 May Map.ache at Xspace, Shanghai
04 May Iron Curtis at Frappant, Hamburg
04 May Quarion at Heideglühen, Berlin
05 May Love Over Entropy Live at Kater Blau, Berlin