Tour Dates Week #2

Sweat Lodge 2020 in Barcelona, Beats in Space in Melbourne, Perm Tours China, and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

10.01 Sweat Lodge 2020 with Marcus Worgull, Cooper Saver, Marc Piñol at Nitsa, Barcelona
10.01 Perm at Zhao Dai, Beijing
10.01 Yogg, Pharaoh at Breakfast Club, Tel Aviv
11.01 Beats In Space with Tim Sweeney at Fairfield Amphitheatre, Melbourne
11.01 Jamaica Suk for Traum at Bastion, Osijek
11.01 Maryisonacid for Savour The Moment at Wilden Renate, Berlin
11.01 DJ Fra at Gare, Porto
11.01 Cooper Saver at Charlie, Munich
11.01 Perm at Guanxi, Chengdu
11.01 Iron Curtis and Quarion at Paloma Bar, Berlin

Photo by Amandra in New York City.