Tour Dates Week #41

Secret Project, NAME Festival, Hydra, Nitsa, Nordstern, Lux, Pornceptual, and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

10 Oct Mano Le Tough at Mondo, Madrid
10 Oct Iron Curtis for Coquette at Kitcheners, Johannesburg  
11 Oct Lauer at Waldschenke, Würzburg 
11 Oct Marcus Worgull at NAME Festival, Roubaix 
11 Oct Mano Le Tough and Sevensol at Nitsa, Barcelona
11 Oct Ultrastation at Ekko, Utrecht
11 Oct Yogg & Pharaoh at Kabareet, Haifa
11 Oct Yogg at The Block, Tel Aviv
12 Oct Mano Le Tough at Lux, Lisbon
12 Oct Marisonacid & Dauwd for Hydra at Printworks, London
12 Oct Cooper Saver at Secret Project, Los Angeles
12 Oct Hunter/Game at Nordstern, Basel
12 Oct The Drifter at W Hotel, Bali
12 Oct Lauer at Kalt, Strasbourg 
12 Oct Iron Curtis at Kat La Kat, Pretoria  
12 Oct Jamaica Suk, Ed Davenport, and Oliver Deutschmann for Pornceptual at Alte Munze, Berlin
12 Oct Love Over Entropy Live at Kater Blau, Berlin 
13 Oct Yogg & Pharaoh Breakfast Club, Tel Aviv 

Photo taken by Chymera in in Deosai, Pakistan