Tour Dates Week #42

Maeve, Something Happening Somehwere, African Acid Is the Future and more at Amsterdam Dance Event and further this week from Sweat Lodge.

14 Oct Yogg & Pharaoh for DGTL at Hayrkon Park, Tel Aviv
16 Oct SoHaSo with Nuno Dos Santos hosting Manamana, Far Out Radio Systems, Miss Jay, Lucky Done Gone at Radio Radio, Amsterdam
16 Oct Shinedoe at Zwart Goud Instore ADE, Amsterdam
16 Oct Shinedoe for D-Edge ADE, Amsterdam
17 Oct Marcus Worgull for Innervisions Amsterdam x Loveland at Warehouse Houthavens, Amsterdam
17 Oct BRET X SoHaSo Live Streams with Ultrastation, Amsterdam
17 Oct Mattheis at TSS Drinks x Café Belgique, Amsterdam
17 Oct Maryisonacid & Dauwd at Rush Hour Instore, Amsterdam
17 Oct Neele at Zur Klappe, Berlin
18 Oct Jamaica Suk for Pornceptual at Ruigord, Amsterdam
18 Oct Maryisonacid for Strange Sounds From Beyond ADE at Oumuamua, Amsterdam
18 Oct C.P.I. at Vent, Tokyo
18 Oct Cooper Saver at Waldschenke Dornheim, Würzburg
18 Oct Hunter/Game Live at Volt, Milan
18 Oct DJ Fra at Nitsa, Barcelona
18 Oct Sevensol at Paloma, Berlin
18 Oct Yogg for PAG at Haoman 17, Tel Aviv
18 Oct Pharaoh at The Block, Tel Aviv
19 Oct Maeve with Mano Le Tough, Baikal, the Drifter hosting guests Tijana T and Phil Kirean Live at Paradiso Nord, Amsterdam
19 Oct Mattheis for Dogma x Nous’klaer Audio at Oumuamua, Amsterdam
19 Oct Mattheis for Audio Obscura at Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ, Amsterdam
19 Oct Marcus Worgull for Dockyard x Mystic Garden Festival at Havenpark, Amsterdam
19 Oct African Acid Is the Future with Maryisonacid & Dauwd at Bret, Amsterdam
19 Oct Sevensol and Iron Curtis for This Not…A Party at Atelier, Amsterdam
19 Oct Nuno Dos Santos for Into the Woods ADE Afterparty, Amsterdam
19 Oct Tim Sweeney for Art Kids at Poor Boy’s, New Orleans
19 Oct Mathias Schober at The Treesome, Sousse
19 Oct Inland at Wilden Renate, Berlin
19 Oct Neele at IfZ, Leipzig
20 Oct Mano Le Tough at The Loft, A’DAM tower Amsterdam 
20 Oct Map.ache Live for Giegling at Paradiso, Amsterdam
20 Oct Mattheis for Breakfast Club at Radion, Amsterdam

Photo take by Jamaica Suk in Hamburg