Tour Dates Week #48

Baikal Tours Mexico, Just This in Athens, Berghain, Thuishaven, PAG TLV, OHM Winter Festival, and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

28.11 Yogg at Alphabet, Tel Aviv
29.11 Baikal at Funk, Mexico City
29.11 Lauer at Pygmalion, Dublin
29.11 Marcus Worgull at Luna, Kiel
29.11 Tim Sweeney at Pepper, Monterrey
29.11 PAG TLV with Pharaoh at Haoman 17, Tel Aviv  
29.11 Amandra at Jasna 1, Warsaw
29.11 Nuno Dos Santos at Perron, Rotterdam
29.11 Maryisonacid at About Blank, Berlin
30.11 Map.ache Live at OHM Winter Festival, Delft
30.11 Hunter/Game & PIXI present Just This at Six Dogs, Athens
30.11 Baikal at Bar Americas, Guadalajara
30.11 Oliver Deutschmann at Waagenbau, Hamburg
30.11 Iron Curtis at Kantine, Konstanz
30.11 Cooper Saver at XL, Agoura Hills
30.11 Quarion at Transformator, Wroclaw
30.11 DJ Fra at Nitsa, Barcelona
30.11 Maryisonacid for Refuge at Sameheads, Berlin
01.12 Inland at Berghain, Berlin
01.12 Nuno Dos Santos at Thuishaven, Amsterdam

Photo taken by Amandra at the Mekong Delta, Vietnam