Tour Dates Week #5

Inland presents “Stream State” in Barcelona, African Acid Is the Future hosting Nahawa Doumbia in Berlin & Mumbai, PAG TLV with new resident Freddy K at Haoman 17, and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

29.01 African Acid is the Future with Nahawa Doumbia at Volksbühne, Berlin

29.01 Justin Strauss at Good Room, New York

31.01 Lauer at IBOAT, Bordeaux

31.01 Marcus Worgull at Perron, Rotterdam

31.01 Iron Curtis for Mirage Mirage at Olympia, Cologne

31.01 The Drifter at Hang Dai, Dublin

31.01 PAG TLV with Freddy K at Haoman 17, Tel Aviv

31.01 Justin Strauss at Elsewhere, Brooklyn

31.01 Yogg & Pharaoh at The Block, Tel Aviv

01.02 Stream State with Inland Live hosting Jamaica Suk and Marc Piñol at Nitsa, Barcelona

01.02 African Acid is the Future with Dauwd & Maryisonacid at antiSOCIAL, Mumbai

01.02 Nuno Dos Santos for Golestan at Cafe De Plak, Nijmegen

01.02 Justin Strauss at Floyd, Miami

02.02 Shinedoe at Freedom Festival, Medellin  

02.02 Tim Sweeney at Mezcaleria Milagrosa, New York 

Photo by Jamaica Suk at Point Reyes National Seashore, California