Tour Dates Week #50

Maeve Club Marathon, Fraternity, SoHaSo Showcase, PAG TLV, Art After Dark, and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

12.12 Dauwd at Magick City, Brooklyn
12.12 Baikal and The Drifter at Pergamon, Jerusalem
13.12 Maeve with Mano Le Tough, Baikal, The Drifter and guests Map.ache Live and Tijana T at The Block, Tel Aviv
13.12 Isolee at Paradiso, Amsterdam
13.12 Marcus Worgull for Art After Dark at Guggenheim Museum + Robot at Fever, Bilbao
13.12 BNJMN at The Window, Guangzhou
13.12 Dauwd for Untold Stories x Party Buzzy at 254 Lansdowne, Toronto
13.12 Neele at Paloma Bar, Berlin
13.12 Yogg at Breakfast Club, Tel Aviv
14.12 Cooper Saver at KALT, Strasbourg
14.12 Mattheis in Concert at De School, Amsterdam
14.12 Inland for am:pm Secret Social Party People, Stockholm
14.12 Map.ache at Thuishaven, Amsterdam
14.12 Oliver Deutschmann at One One Club, Riga
14.12 BNJMN at Lantern, Beijing
14.12 SoHaSo with Nuno Dos Santos hosting Lauer, Lucky Gone Done, Marguillier at Bret, Amsterdam
14.12 PAG TLV at Raf 25, St. Petersburg
14.12 Mathias Schober for Leave Us Lost, Vancouver
14.12 Dauwd at Le Salon Daomé, Montreal
14.12 Marcus Worgull at Fold, London
14.12 Fraternity with DJ Fra & Marc Piñol at Nitsa, Barcelona
14.12 Neele for Verboten, London
14.12 Jamaica Suk for Pornceptual at Alte Munze, Berlin
14.12 Iron Curtis at Zur Klappe, Berlin
14.12 Yogg at Alphabet, Tel Aviv
15.12 Tim Sweeney at Weird Science.Magick City, NYC

Photo taken by Baikal on tour in Mexico