Tour Dates Week #7

Ampere, White Noise, IfZ, Berghain, Masters Club, Index, Far Away, Input and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

14 Feb Neele B2B Perm at IfZ, Leipzig
15 Feb The Drifter at White Noise, Stuttgart
15 Feb Cooper Saver for Far Away, Los Angeles
15 Feb Yogg for PAG at Alphabet, Tel Aviv
16 Feb Cassegrain Live at Berghain, Berlin
16 Feb Inland for Index Presents: True Spaces & Afterparty, Dublin
16 Feb Hunter/Game at Input, Barcelona
16 Feb Locked Groove at Ampere, Antwerp
16 Feb Mathias Schober at Masters Club, Zagreb
16 Feb Nuno Dos Santos at Bulka Parysska, Gdansk
16 Feb Manamana at IfZ, Leipzig
16 Feb Maryisonacid for AAITF at Loftus Hall, Berlin
16 Feb SMOD at Klub Pan, Hannover
17 Feb Dauwd at Wilden Renate, Berlin