Tour Dates Week #9

Music That Moves Amsterdam, 17 Years of PAG TLV, Fraternity Barcelona, and more happening this week on Sweat Lodge.

24.02 Marcus Worgull at Gewölbe, Cologne

25.02 Neele for Seeblick Sounds, Leipzig

28.02 Mano Le Tough for The Mission at Romexpo, Bucharest

28.02 African Acid Is The Future with Maryisonacid and Dauwd at Bar Cauliflower, Osaka

28.02 17 Years of PAG TLV at Haoman 17, Tel Aviv

28.02 Shinedoe at Shelter, Amsterdam

28.02 Fraternity: DJ Fra + DJ Seinfeld at Nitsa, Barcelona

28.02 Yogg & Pharaoh at The Block, Tel Aviv

29.02 Mano Le Tough and The Drifter at Klein, Istanbul

29.02 Marcus Worgull at Hive, Zurich

29.02 Hunter/Game at M O D U L E, Istanbul

29.02 Oliver Deutschmann at L‘entrepot Club, Bordeaux

29.02 Shinedoe for Music That Moves at Paradiso, Amsterdam

29.02 Lauer at Wilden Renate, Berlin

29.02 Justin Strauss for Club Room at Soho Grand Hotel, New York

29.02 Dauwd at Club Daphnia, Osaka

29.02 DJ Fra at Nitsa, Barcelona

29.02 Perm at IfZ, Leipzig

01.03 Marc Piñol at Nitsa, Barcelona

01.03 Justin Strauss at Le Bain, New York

28.02 Inland at 46 Livehouse, Changsha
28.02 Mattheis at Tempura Oji, Singapore
29.02 Inland at The Window, Guangzhou

Photo taken by Pharaoh at The Botanical Garden, Tel Aviv