Ultraviolet: The Drifter

The Drifter returns to Maeve with a bang. This 2-tracker carries a familiar Drifty feel but is a total graduation for the label founder.

Everything sounds better, his voice, the machines, the mix – this is next level. The vocal on title track, “Ultraviolet” has a distinctive darkwave feel, a touch melancholic, but accomplished. Brooding synth bass underpins the track leading the listener into the cosmic abyss, a journey one is only too happy to surrender themselves to. The trip continues with “Avoid The Void”, an ironic title given the listeners fate so far. On this cut we lose the melancholy and march straight to the dance floor. Littered with ping pong acid warbles, clipped vocal samples and driving drums, Avoid the Void is a single minded monster.

It may have taken some time for The Drifter to come correct with original work, but after listening to this its hard to argue it wasn’t worth the wait.