arch selections: Bush of Ghosts

Currently splitting his time between Nairobi and Berlin, Bush of Ghosts is the alter-ego of UK-born David Tinning. The Santuri East Africa co-founder and long-time Cashmere Radio host shows off his eclectic and expansive collection of glistening electro-acoustic music from around the globe. Spanning decades, continents and micro-scenes, with a distinct focus on polyrhythmic percussion and tumbling time-signatures, we are delighted to welcome him to the series.

In David’s own words, “…this mix was a real pleasure to put together – it contains some of the pieces I play on my Bush of Ghosts show on Cashmere Radio, when I’m feeling more of the meditative / beatless vibes. There’s music here from some favourites such as Jonny Nash (opening and closing and the mix), Vivian Koch, Space Africa, Alejandro Mosso, Brian Eno and Micheal Brook, as well as some sounds from my current location in East Africa – including Msafiri Zawose and Sven Karicek.”