• Labels Apranik Records
  • Based San Francisco, USA
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AIDA can be found at the intersection of two contrasting worlds: rich Iranian roots and a serene west-coast Canadian upbringing. This dichotomy is infused in everything she crafts. It’s here that she blends various genres with a mastery of someone who lives and creates at the boundary of their duality. Combining elements of world-inspired music with electronic, she gives colorful twists to masterful blends of groovy house, techno, and breaks geared for the dancefloor.

Her duality extends beyond her music career into yet another realm of the senses. As a designer, AIDA is a rare entity fully dedicated to creativity and movement. Embodied with focus and discipline, she inspires others that it’s possible to excel where they find themselves at an intersection, crossroad, boundary. . . or just a dancefloor.

27 Jul Orbit Festival, Bunnik
10 May Horst Festival, Vilvoorde
23 Mar UMI, Brussels
16 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
15 Mar Jaki, Cologne
03 Mar Panorama Bar, Berlin
19 Jan IYKYK, Los Angeles


02 Dec Robot Heart, San Francisco
10 Nov House of Yes, NYC
27 Oct Cutting Shapes at Shuffle Club, Calgary
21 Oct Public Works, San Francisco
30 Sep NAR, Utrecht
29 Sep Bloemerbar, Nijmegen
24 Sep Panorama Bar, Berlin
16 Sep Leave Us Lost, Vancouver
19 Aug Club Moniker, San Francisco
25 Jul System Error at Club der Visionaere, Berlin
23 Jul Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon
15 Jul Night Tales, London
30 Jun PRST, Vienna
23 Jun De School, Amsterdam
16 Jun Culture Box, Copenhagen
12 Jun Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
09 Jun Gottwood, Wales
28 Apr Club 6, San Francisco
22 Apr Flash, DC
18 Mar Sunset Soundsystem x Giegling at The Foundry, San Francisco
15 Mar SXSW at Neon Ghetto, Austin
14 Mar SXSW at Kingdom Nightclub, Austin
26 Feb Panorama Bar, Berlin
24 Feb Robert Johnson, Offenbach
18 Feb Pacific Rhythm, Vancouver
27 Jan Bambi’s, Toronto
01 Jan Mona Liza, New York


30 Dec The Sultan Room, NYC
03 Dec Paradise, Vancouver
19 Nov Fault Radio, San Francisco
14 Oct Public Records, San Francisco
07 Oct Monarch, San Francisco
20 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
06 Jul Bass Coast Festival, Vancouver
21 May Lost All Day, Vancouver
14 May Café Moniker, San Francisco
07 May Public Works, San Francisco
18 Feb Texture Summit & Good Buddies, San Francisco