• Labels IFZ, DRIVE, G-EDIT
  • Based Leipzig, Germany
  • Links Facebook SoundCloud Instagram Resident Advisor

Leipzig-born Neele grew up influenced by punk and hardcore and the wild bunch of the infamous Conne Island crew in Connewitz, a club she eventually became a booker of.

One of Leipzig’s most versatile DJs, Neele is now a resident of the Leipzig institution Institut für Zukunft. She remains a political activist and a key figure in Leipzig’s feminist scene, particularly as a founding member of the G-EDIT crew.

Behind the decks she fears no genre limitations, never losing control nor falling into triviality. Her trademarked sound is energetic, bass-driven and UK inspired, taking in all manners of House, Techno, Acid and Electro. The type of DJ that can fire up a dancefloor at any given moment of the night.

01 Jun Tresor, Berlin
27 Apr IfZ, Leipzig
19 Apr Kulo, Leipzig
12 Apr AntiBAr, Leipzig
31 Mar Conne Island, Leipzig
22 Mar Kater Blau, Berlin
16 Mar Rosa, Greifswald
09 Mar Watergate, Berlin


28 Dec Gewölbe, Köln
22 Dec IfZ, Leipzig
02 Dec Audio, Geneva
11 Nov IfZ, Leipzig
14 Oct Tresor, Berlin
13 Oct Neue Welle, Leipzig
07 Oct Mensch Meier, Berlin
23 Sep OXI, Berlin
13 Sep Conne Island, Leipzig
09 Sep IfZ, Leipzig
25 Aug Conne Island, Leipzig
18 Aug Conne Island, Leipzig
12 Aug Burro, Mainz
05 Aug Nachti, Olganitz
02 Jul Fusion, Larz
17 Jun IfZ, Leipzig
17 May Pulsår, Nürnberg
15 Apr Tresor, Berlin
08 Apr Elipamanoke, Leipzig
07 Apr Golden Pudel, Hamburg
24 Mar Mjut, Leipzig
10 Mar IfZ, Leipzig
08 Mar Drive at About Blank, Berlin
04 Mar Objekt klein a, Dresden
18 Feb Wellness Klub, Zurich
10 Feb IfZ, Leipzig
14 Jan Sweat Lodge XVI at About Blank, Berlin
01 Jan Südpol, Hamburg


03 Dec Weltspiele, Hannover
30 Oct IfZ, Leipzig
28 Oct Hedoné, Biberach an der Riß
01 Oct Villa Wuller, Trier
10 Sep RSO, Berlin
03 Sep Neele at Mensche Meier, Berlin
02 Sep Robert Johnson, Offenbach
19 Aug ://about blank, Berlin
13 Aug Distillery, Leipzig
12 Aug Sacred Ground Festival, Friedland
23 Jul Nation of Gondwana, Grünefeld
17 Jul IFZ x KLUB: Conne Island, Leipzg
08 Jul Bike Jesus, Prague
01 Jul Fusion, Larz
11 Jun MELT, Ferropolis
04 Jun Objekt Klein A, Dresden
03 Jun Grounded Theory at Tresor, Berlin
19 May ://about blank, Berlin
14 May Rosa, Greifswald
05 May IfZ, Leipzig
30 Apr Hedoné, Biberach
09 Apr IfZ, Leipzig
02 Apr Robert Johnson, Offenbach

20 Nov IfZ, Leipzig
13 Nov Weltspiele, Hannover
30 Oct Paloma, Berlin
31 Jul AnkaliOpen Air, Prague
24 Jul Aeden, Berlin
01 May Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt

05 Sep Festwiese, Leipzig
12 Jul About Blank, Berlin
18 Jun OXY Garden, Berlin
25 Feb Seeblick Sounds, Leipzig
15 Feb Südpol, Hamburg
13 Feb IfZ, Leipzig
01 Jan Blitz, Munich

31 Dec Zur Klappe, Berlin
21 Dec About Blank, Berlin
20 Dec AMP, Frankfurt
14 Dec Verboten, London
07 Dec IfZ, Leipzig
15 Nov Charles Bronson, Halle
13 Nov Griessmuehle, Berlin
08 Nov Neele at IfZ, Leipzig
26 Oct Boiler Room at Transit, Chemnitz
19 Oct IfZ, Leipzig
17 Oct Zur Klappe, Berlin
05 Oct Distillery, Leipzig
28 Sep Kalif Storch, Erfurt
22 Sep objekt klein a, Dresden
21 Sep mjut, Leipzig
07 Sep IfZ, Leipzig
31 Aug Lazy Palms at Schladitzer See, Rackwitz
23 Aug FERKHL Festival, Luppa
11 Aug Villa Wuller, Trier
08 Aug Artlake Festival, Lichterfeld
02 Aug Nachtdigital, Olganitz
26 Jul Taktraumfestival, Ingolstadt
06 Jul Robert Johnson, Offenbach
28 Jun Wilden Renate, Berlin
08 Jun Somedate Open Air, Weimar
07 Jun IfZ, Leipzig
01 Jun Die Raketer, Nürnberg
30 May Mjut, Leipzig
19 May SEELEN Night at ://about blank, Berlin
11 May IfZ, Leipzig
27 Apr Distillery, Leipzig
26 Apr Ulysses @ Dora Brilliant, Frankfurt
20 Apr IfZ, Leipzig
29 Mar Dystopian at Griessmühle, Berlin
23 Mar FrühAuf, Leipzig
22 Mar Disco Zwei, Mannheim
08 Mar City Club, Augsburg
06 Mar Conne Island, Leipzig
01 Mar Paloma Bar, Berlin
20 Feb Golden Pudel, Hamburg
14 Feb IFZ, Leipzig
09 Feb WAS, Utrecht
19 Jan Sweat Lodge x Blank, Berlin
18 Jan AMP, Frankfurt
05 Jan Desi, Nürnberg
01 Jan Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
01 Jan IFZ, Leipzig


22 Dec Conne Island, Leipzig
14 Dec Elipamanoke, Leipzig
08 Dec So&So, Leipzig
25 Nov KANN til it’s KANN @ Conne Island, Leipzig
24 Nov IFZ, Leipzig
17 Nov About Blank, Berlin
02 Nov IFZ, Leipzig
19 Oct Bahnwärter Thiel, München
27 Oct Southend, Hamburg
17 Oct City Club, Augsburg
13 Oct IFZ, Leipzig
12 Oct Rosi’s, Berlin
02 Oct OHM, Berlin
22 Sep Mjut, Leipzig
08 Sep IFZ, Leipzig
25 Aug Conner Island, Leipzig
18 Aug Dockville Festival, Hamburg
11 Aug Wilde Möhre Festival, Drebkau
10 Aug About Blank, Berlin
28 Jul Mujt, Leipzig
21 Jul IFZ, Leipzig
14 Jul About Blank, Berlin
07 Jul Feel Festival, Bergheider See
30 Jun Fusion Festival, Larz
15 Jun Sektor Evolution, Dresden
08 Jun Taggerwerk, Graz
31 May IFZ, Leipzig
20 May Elipamanoke, Leipzig
19 May Frappant, Hamburg
09 May IFZ, Leipzig
30 Apr IFZ, Leipzig
29 Apr Brüxsel Jardin at ​Au Quai, Brussels
21 Apr Conner Island, Leipzig
14 Apr Tresor, Berlni
07 Apr Mjut, Leipzig
06 Apr Anakli, Prague
01 Apr Zur Klappe, Berlin
10 Mar Nachtdigital Flex at ​BAR, Rotterdam
08 Mar IfZ, Leipzig
24 Feb IfZ, Leipzig
16 Feb ​So&So, Leipzig
03 Feb About Blank, Berlin
01 Jan ​objekt klein a, Dresden