• Based San Francisco
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Mozhgan is a sonic alchemist who’s musical languages traverse between mysterious planes and wondrous vortexes. Her singular technique focuses on uncanny juxtapositions of sound that seamlessly unify and project spiritual light, creating luminous pronunciations that voyage deep into the shadowy spaces of the subconscious. As an acolyte of the acidic temple, Mozhgan fearlessly confronts the constricting limits of the status quo while simultaneously rejecting them with arcane spells that defy time and space. By projecting hypnotic sound waves that rupture the mundane, her cosmic utterances permit extraterrestrial passages that venture beyond the tranquil pathways of familiarity.

04 Aug TBA, TBA (DE)
03 Aug TBA, TBA (UK)
02 Aug TBA, TBA (NL)
21 Jun Sunset Campout, Belden Town
26 May Tangent Gallery, Detroit
25 May Return to Source, Detroit
27 Apr Nowadays, New York
20 Apr Space 550, San Francisco
16 Mar Making Time, Philadelphia
08 Mar Public Works, San Francisco
02 Mar Mutant Radio, Kutaissi
01 Mar Mutant Radio, Tbilisi
18 Feb Sunday Sleaze, Austin
10 Feb Qaotiq, San Francisco
20 Jan Basement, New York


29 Dec F8, San Francisco
17 Dec Wonderfruit, Chon Bur
08 Dec Pobal, Baltimore
07 Oct Hard French at El Rio, San Francisco
22 Sep Making Time, Philadelphia
08 Sep House of Yes, New York
02 Sep Dolly, Vancouver
01 Sep Vague Terrain at Underground SF
24 Aug Dekmantel Selectors, Tisno
20 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
18 Aug BLITZ, Munich
14 Aug Gallery 1986, Vilnius
03 Aug Smart Bar, Chicago
22 Jul F8, San Francisco
01 Jul Sunset Campout, San Francisco
22 Jun Glastonbury, Pilton
17 Jun Tola, London
16 Jun De School, Amsterdam
15 Jun Mercerie, Brussels
10 Jun Zukunft, Zurich
03 Jun Bar Part Time, San Francisco
28 May No Way Back, Detroit
27 May Marble Bar, Detroit
30 Apr Nowadays, NYC
01 Apr Bambi’s, Toronto
18 Feb Dolly, Vancouver
29 Jan Sunday Sunday, Mexico City
28 Jan Radio Bar, Irapuato
21 Jan Private, Los Angeles
01 Jan Honcho, Pittsburgh


31 Dec Marble Bar, Detroit
24 Dec F8, San Francisco
17 Dec Inkost, Malmo
10 Dec IBOAT, Bordeaux
03 Dec Renate, Berlin
02 Dec Blitz, Munich
26 Nov Herfstdrift, Nijmegen
19 Nov De School, Amsterdam
18 Nov Neue Welle, Leipzig
12 Nov TBA, Paris
11 Nov Positive Education, Saint-Etienne
04 Nov Apache Pass, Austin
08 Oct WITCHFINGER, Chicago
01 Oct Public Works, San Francisco
28 Sep El Rio, San Francisco
03 Sep Texture, Detroit
26 Aug Underground SF, San Francisco
25 Aug Floyd, Miami
29 Jul The Great Beyond, Minnesota
28 Jul Floyd, Miami
23 Jul Ankali, Prague
22 Jul Garage Noord, Amsterdam
14 Jul Love International, Tisno
08 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
07 Jul Macera, Madrid
03 Jul Better Late, Los Angeles
25 Jun Fünk, Mexico City
29 May Marble Bar, Detroit
20 May The Virgil, Los Angeles
14 May Club Blanco Open Air, Bristol
13 May Lux, Lisbon
08 May Panorama Bar, Berlin
06 May Opium, Vilnius
08 Apr Kremwerk, Seattle
26 Mar Epicenter PDX, Portland
19 Mar Monarch, San Francisco
16 Mar F8, San Francisco
05 Mar El Rio, San Francisco
11 Feb 1015 Folsom, San Francisco