• Labels Black Catalogue, Rekids, Hypercolour
  • Based Berlin, Germany
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I’m a music producer, DJ and the founder of my label, Black Catalogue. My passion for all facets of dance music have made me one of the most versatile DJ’s you will hear. My journey thus far in the pursuit of an education in club culture has taken me from my hometown Los Angeles to San Francisco and then to Detroit and Berlin, the latter of which I now call home. In my DJ sets, you can hear me restlessly ranging between the worlds of Dark Disco, eclectic House, Dub and Deep Techno in a seamless fashion. In my mind, these blending visions force a conversation and energy exchange between myself and the dance floor. What often emerges is something new and unexpected.

I have recorded music and created remixes for labels such as Hypercolour, Rekids, Planet-E, Classic, KMS, Cadenza, Blood of Thrones, 2MR and of course my own Black Catalogue imprint, among others. To date, Black Catalogue has 30 releases and counting. Outside of the club, my primary focus is on music production and my monthly residency at Refuge Worldwide.

Sound, vision, energy and passion. Feel the vibe. Vibe the feel.

24 Aug TBA, TBA (DE)
26 Jul TBA, TBA (DE)
16 Jun Panorama Bar, Berlin
23 May Tresor, Berlin
02 May Robot Heart, San Francisco
27 Apr Marble Bar, Detroit
05 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
31 Mar ://about blank, Berlin
22 Mar Arroz Estudios, Lisbon
15 Mar House of Yes, New York
02 Mar Tresor, Berlin
18 Jan Tresor, Berlin


02 Dec Zur Klappe, Berlin
17 Nov Pérola Negra, Porto
03 Nov Watergate, Berlin
28 Oct KW x Flipping the Coin, Berlin
14 Oct Renate, Berlin
12 Oct Tresor, Berlin
01 Sep Panorama Bar, Berlin
28 Jul Polifonic, Puglia
14 Jul Danube, Festival, Kiekebusch Open Air
09 Jul Communion, Minneapolis
01 Jul Sunset Campout, San Francisco
25 Jun Nightdubbing at ELSE, Berlin
04 May Tresor, Berlin
09 Apr ://about blank, Berlin
25 Mar OXI, Berlin
12 Mar Arte x Tegal, Berlin
10 Mar Perola Negra, Porto
04 Mar Weltspiele, Hannover
02 Feb Tresor, Berlin
14 Jan Sweat Lodge XVI at About Blank, Berlin
01 Jan Pornceptual, Berlin


28 Oct Tresor, Berlin
17 Sep Renate, Berlin
24 Aug arch at ELSE, Berlin
13 Aug Pornceptual, Berlin
11 Aug Tresor, Berlin
30 Jul RSO, Berlin
16 Jul Weltspiele, Hannover
09 Jul Love Parade + Afterparty, Berlin
02 Jul Tresor, Berlin
11 Jun RSO, Berlin
14 May Renate, Berlin
13 May Neue Welt, Leipzig
23 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
02 Apr Sextopia by Pornceptual, Berlin
27 Mar E Werk, Berlin
19 Mar Mondo Bizarro, Berlin
12 Mar No Request, Portland
11 Mar TV Lounge, Detroit
05 Mar Okeechobee Music Festival, Florida
01 Jan Sunset Soundsystem After, San Francisco

27 Nov Golzheim, Düsseldorf
14 Nov Panorama Bar, Berlin
15 Oct Verboten x Pornceptual, London
01 Oct Renate, Berlin
24 Sep Paloma, Berlin
18 Sep Pornceptual, Berlin
28 Aug Tangent Gallery, Detroit
22 Aug Coconut Babylon at Motor City Wine, Detroit
13 Aug TBA, Brooklyn
17 Jul Revier Sudost,Berlin
26 Jun Renate, Berlin

14 Oct arch 0.3 at Prince Charles, Berlin
23 Aug Else Open Air, Berlin
19 Aug arch 0.1 at Prince Charles, Berlin
19 Jan Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin


27 Dec Detroit Love, Montpellier
14 Dec Pornceptual, Berlin
20 Oct Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin
07 Sep Heidegluhen, Berlin
31 Aug Away at About://Blank, Berlin
08 Aug Paloma Bar, Berlin
07 Jul Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berin
19 Jun We Are Not Alone at Greissmuhle, Berlin
15 Apr Pornceptual, Berlin
30 Mar Deluxx Fluxx, Detroit
22 Mar Kudzu at The Bakery, Atlanta
19 Mar Beats In Space Radio, New York
16 Mar Buswick A/V Wintergarden, New York
10 Mar Drop at Monkey Loft, Seattle
03 Mar Hot Mass, Pittsburgh
26 Feb Savour The Moment at Wilden Rentae, Berlin
27 Jan Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin