• Labels Maeve, Pampa, Permanent Vacation
  • Based Zurich, Switzerland
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Mano le Tough moved from Dublin to Berlin in his twenties, and is currently located near Zurich, Switzerland. He grew up in a small village in Wicklow, on Ireland’s east coast, where his earliest musical memories involved taping Talking Heads and Fine Young Cannibals off the radio as a seven-year-old, before he heard the siren song of dance music on local pirate radio.

After playing in bands during a reasonably diverse musical adolescence, he had returned to house and techno by his twenties, diving headfirst into the nascent MySpace culture around 2007. The first track he ever finished, Warhorn, was fortuitously spotted by producer and True Romance labelhead, Tensnake, fifteen minutes after it had finished uploading.

He moved to the German capital shortly afterward, steadily growing his audience as gigs and releases accumulated. His singles soon became mainstays in sets around Berlin and the wider world, adored for their unique melody driven and disco-flecked house, while his albums Changing Days and Trails (both on Permanent Vacation) saw him channeling deeper water, underlain with intricate arrangements and the stripped back intimacy of his own voice.

In 2012, he founded a label of his own with close friends The Drifter and Baikal. Maeve Records immediately became an essential stable for eclectic, forward thinking dance music from its three founders, and carefully curated releases by the likes of Isolée, Phil Kieran, New Jackson and Kev Sheridan.

As well as dozens of releases, two full length albums, and remixes for, among others, The Pet Shop Boys, Roisin Murphy, Caribou and Erol Alkan, Mano became one of Europe’s most in-demand DJs, with headline performances across the continent’s dancefloors and the world’s biggest music festivals. Since early 2020, however, he’s been at home, attempting to channel inspiration from eighteen months without live music, amid the anxiety of a global pandemic.

“I’ve always liked that Mallarmé quote, “poetry is the language of crisis”. It’s hard for me to make good music about everything being amazing. Anything I’ve done that had any kind of artistic merit has been through struggles I’ve had”.

For Mano, these feelings have found their truest expression in “At The Moment”, a record which balances the ambivalence and melancholy of the last year, with wistful streaks of unguarded optimism.

21 Sep TBA, TBA (GR)
20 Sep TBA, TBA (TK)
14 Sep TBA, TBA (SUI)
13 Sep TBA, TBA (ES)
24 Aug TBA, TBA (UK)
18 Aug TBA, TBA (PL)
14 Aug TBA, TBA (ES)
10 Aug TBA, TBA (IT)
04 Aug TBA, TBA (IE)
03 Aug TBA, TBA (DE)
29 Jul TBA, TBA (ES)
27 Jul TBA, TBA (DE)
26 Jul TBA, TBA (NL)
19 Jul TBA, TBA (IT)
13 Jul TBA, TBA (US)
12 Jul TBA, TBA (MX)
11 Jul TBA, TBA (MX)
06 Jul Limbo Festival, Tuscany
01 Jul Circoloco, Ibiza
30 Jun TBA, TBA (IT)
29 Jun TBA, TBA (TK)
22 Jun Kanello Galore, Munster
08 Jun Masion Bar, Limassol
06 Jun Scorpios, Mykonos
02 Jun Pacha, Ibiza
26 May Woodstock, Bloemendaal
25 May Paterns, Brighton
24 May Phonox, London
18 May Wakana Reunion, Cádiz
17 May Phonox, London
10 May Phonox, London
08 May FVTVR, Paris
04 May Robert Johnson, Offenbach
03 May Phonox, London
29 Apr Circoloco, Ibiza
30 Mar Love Bar, Tbilisi
29 Mar FOMO, Baku
23 Mar Studio Club, Malaga
22 Mar Volt, Milan
16 Mar Zukunft, Zurich
15 Mar Gewolbe, Cologne
09 Mar Fabric, London
02 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
01 Mar Central Club, Porto
12 Jan SoHo Garden, Dubai
08 Jan Circoloco, Tulum
06 Jan Ocaso Festival, Costa Rica
02 Jan Tehmplo, Tulum
01 Jan Teksupport, New York


31 Dec Crania, San José del Cabo
22 Dec Echo, Bray
09 Dec Gate Club, Paris
08 Dec From Dusk Till Dawn at Chinastraat, Ghent
02 Dec DGTL, Los Angeles
01 Dec DGTL, New York
17 Nov Center Point, Dublin
11 Nov Kepler, Bari
10 Nov Rollover, Milan
28 Oct Future Club, Atlanta
27 Oct Circoloco, NYC
22 Oct ADE Hangover, Amsterdam
21 Oct Untitled ADE, Amsterdam
14 Oct Metamorphose Festival, Gotemba You Run Park
13 Oct Vent, Tokyo
09 Oct Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
07 Oct Lux, Lisbon
07 Oct Plano B Open Air, Porto
23 Sep Fabric, London
11 Sep Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
02 Sep Timelapse Fest, Bouznika
27 Aug Soap Factory, San Diego
26 Aug Public Works, San Francisco
25 Aug We Are Definition, Los Angeles
18 Aug Another Love Story, Co Meath
17 Aug Sanctum, Saint Tropez
13 Aug Passion Beat at Woodstock, Bloemendaal
12 Aug Kanello Galore, Munster
08 Aug Les Teules, Pals
07 Aug Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
05 Aug Passion Beat at ELSE, Berlin
04 Aug BLITZ, Munich
30 Jul Tension Festival, Basel
29 Jul Secret Island, Zurich
16 Jul Pyramid at Amensia, Ibiza
15 Jul Cala Maka, Puglia
14 Jul Koko, London
09 Jul Mayan Warrior at The Brooklyn Mirage, NYC
08 Jul Stereo, Montreal
01 Jul Lago Lago, Braamt
30 Jun Paradise City Festival, Perk
25 Jun Robert Johnson, Offenbach
24 Jun Studio Club, Malaga
17 Jun Beyond the Pale, Wicklow
16 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
12 Jun Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
10 Jun Polifonic, Milan
09 Jun Gottwood, Wales
03 Jun 909, Amsterdam
31 May Saga at Pacha, Ibiza
25 May 4GB Festival, Tbilisi
16 May Passion Beat at Pacha, Ibiza
14 May Brunch Electronik, Madrid
13 May Klein, Istanbul
12 May Kowalski, Stuttgart
06 May Morabito Art Villa, Bali
05 May Thugshop x BlackOut, Singapore
31 Mar Phonox, London
24 Mar 04, Haifa
23 Mar Forum, Beer Sheeva
12 Mar Pitch Festival, Mafeking Farmland
11 Mar Liberty Hall, Sydney
10 Mar 121 Festival, Wellington
05 Mar Xora, Bangalore
04 Mar Xora, Hyderabad
03 Mar Glory, Goa
25 Feb Het Sieraad, Amsterdam
24 Feb Saknys, Vilnius
02 Feb Vudu, Amman
28 Jan Space, Miami
27 Jan Spy Bar, Chicago
21 Jan Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
20 Jan Bar Americas, Guadalajara
19 Jan LooLoo, Mexico City
12 Jan Slippers, Tel Aviv


30 Dec TBA, TBA
17 Dec Index, Dublin
16 Dec Alter Ego, Würzburg
10 Dec Destino Party, São Paulo
09 Dec Warung, Itatji
03 Dec Robert Johnson, Offenbach
02 Dec Strafwerk, Eindhoven
01 Dec SARAAB, Il Monte Galala
25 Nov Fallan, Stockholm
19 Nov Sfinks, Sopot
18 Nov Gewolbe, Cologne
29 Oct IGR Festival, Dubai
22 Oct Dockyard ADE, Amsterdam
22 Oct Audio Obscura ADE, Amsterdam
14 Oct Volt, Milan
10 Oct DGTL, Tel Aviv
08 Oct TBA, Paris
07 Oct LAB, Madrid
26 Sep Circoloco, Ibiza
24 Sep Nitsa, Barcelona
17 Sep Reworks, Thessaloniki
16 Sep Jaeger, Oslo
10 Sep Fabric, London
03 Sep Watergate, Berlin
02 Sep Astropolis, Brest
27 Aug Lost Village, Lincoln
24 Aug IT Beach, Mykonos
15 Aug Circoloco, Ibiza
07 Aug HAWĀ at Airport Düsseldorf
06 Aug Secret Island, Zurich
03 Aug Pacha, Ibiza
31 Jul Live at All Together Now, Co.Waterford
23 Jul Tomorrowland, Boom
11 Jul Circoloco, Ibiza
07 Jul Forum, Beer Sheeva
09 Jul Lost In A Moment UK at Tofte Manor
02 Jul Monk, Pelion
01 Jul Mason Bar, Limassol
30 Jun Island, Athens
24 Jun Live at Polifonic, Pulgia
19 Jun De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
18 Jun Maeve at Nitsa, Barcelona
17 Jun Go Beach, Barcelona
15 Jun Hotel Poleski, Krakow
11 Jun Dockland, Munster
10 Jun Robert Johnson, Offenbach
06 Jun Circoloco, Ibiza
04 Jun Extrema Outdoor, Houthalen – Helchteren
03 Jun Live at Primavera, Barcelona
22 May Brunch in the Park, Madrid
21 May Lux, Lisbon
14 May Night Tales, London
13 May Groove on the Grass, Jeddah
07 May Passion Beat at Pacha, Ibiza
23 Apr Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
21 Apr The Sanctuary, Rome
17 Apr DGTL, Amsterdam
15 Apr Passion Beat at Else, Berlin
03 Apr Riva, Naples
01 Apr Sun & Snow, Sierra Nevada
24 Mar Tomorrowland Winter, Alpe d’Huez
19 Mar IGR Beach Club, Dubai
17 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
11 Mar Cabaret Sonique, Brest
05 Mar Fabric, London
04 Mar Haiku, Paris
26 Feb Zukunft, Zurich
12 Feb Button Factory, Dublin

31 Dec Naturklang, Zurich
11 Dec Volt, Milan
04 Dec Robert Johnson, Offenbach
27 Nov Papaya Playa, Tulum
26 Nov Funk, Mexico City
25 Nov Bar Americas, Guadalajara
13 Nov desert @ Love Machine, San Diego
12 Nov SET, Los Angeles
05 Nov Culture Box, Copenhagen
29 Oct Suma Han, Istanbul
23 Oct Bauhaus, Houston
22 Oct Floyd After Party, Miami
22 Oct iii Point, Miami
17 Oct Circoloco x Loveland ADE, Amdterdam
16 Oct DGTL ADE, Amsterdam
01 Oct Ampere, Antwerp
18 Sep Fabric, London
11 Sep Mason Bar, Limassol
29 Aug Think Festival, Leipzg
27 Aug Lost Village, Lincolnshire
21 Aug Electroclette, Verbier
20 Aug Zukunft Dance, Zurich
15 Aug Woodstock, Bloemendaal
07 Aug Zukunft, Zurich
25 Jul Space, Miami
24 Jul Teksupport, NYC
23 Jul Art of the Wild, Las Vegas
04 Jul Ploegendienst Festival, Breda


21 Aug ZOO Picnic, Munster
09 Aug Le Palme Beach, Monopoli
31 Jul Polaris, Verbiers
29 Feb Klein Phönix, Istanbul
28 Feb The Mission, Bucharest
14 Feb Village Underground, London
23 Jan SoHo Garden, Dubai

28 Dec District 8, Dublin
20 Dec Bridge, Paris
13 Dec The Block, Tel Aviv
06 Dec De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
20 Oct Audio Obscura at A’DAM the Loft, Amsterdam
19 Oct Maeve ADE at Paradiso Nord, Amsterdam
12 Oct Lux, Lisbon
11 Oct Nitsa, Barcelona
10 Oct Mondo, Madrid
05 Oct Volt, Milan
30 Sep BPM, Tel Aviv
28 Sep Galerie Kurzweil, Darmstadt
27 Sep Transmoderna at Pacha, Ibiza
21 Sep RePublik, Waterford
20 Sep Village Underground, London
15 Sep eilân Festival, Island of Terschelling
07 Sep Afterlife, NYC
06 Sep Flash, DC
25 Aug Solomun +1 at Pacha, Ibiza
24 Aug DGTL, Barcelona
23 Aug Lost Village, Lincolnshire
17 Aug Uberhaus, Beirut
16 Aug Uberhaus, Alexandria
10 Aug Streetparade, Zurich
04 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
03 Aug Garbicz Festival, PL
02 Aug Pratersauna, Vienna
01 Aug Afterlife, Ibiza
28 Jul Ääniwalli, Helsinki
27 Jul Onder De Radar Festival, Enschede
20 Jul Nitsa, Barcelona
18 Jul Melt, Gräfenhainichen
10 Jul Dour Festival, BE
07 Jul Savage, Buenos Aires
06 Jul Forja Centro Eventos, Cordoba
05 Jul TBA, Mar Del Plata
30 Jun TBA, TBA
23 Jun Maeve at Body & Soul, Co. Westmeath
22 Jun The Mission in the Forest, Bucharest
17 Jun Circoloco at DC 10, Ibiza
15 Jun Paraíso, Madrid
14 Jun Life & Death, Barcelona
09 Jun Pollerwiesen, Dortmund
07 Jun The Block, Tel Aviv
01 Jun BAR, Rotterdam
01 Jun Diynamic Festival, Amsterdam (day)
31 May Blitz, Munich
18 May Kompass, Gent
17 May Pacha, Ibiza
12 May Am Blankenwasser, Neuss
11 May Metro Dance Club, Alicante
03 May Village Underground, London
20 Apr Elysia, Basel
19 Apr DGTL, Amsterdam
14 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
12 Apr Volt, Milan
06 Apr Stereo Bar, Montreal
05 Apr BLACK at Avant Gardner, Brooklyn
30 Mar Six Dogs, Athens
29 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
16 Mar Robert Johnson, Offenbach
15 Mar Zukunft, Zurich
04 Jan Warung, Itajai


31 Dec Elsewhere, Brooklyn
28 Dec Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
22 Dec Tengu, Dublin
21 Dec RePublik, Waterford
25 Nov Panorama Bar, Berlin
24 Nov Keywest , Brussels
16 Nov The Block, Tel Aviv
10 Nov Mondo, Madrid
09 Nov D Club, Laussane
02 Nov Blitz, Munich
30 Sep Boxed Off, Ratoath
29 Sep Sub Club, Glasgow
23 Sep PollerWiesen Boot, Cologne
22 Sep Maeve at E1, London
21 Sep Reworks Festival, Thessaloniki
13 Sep Afterlife at Hi, Ibiza
09 Sep RA 24/7, Milan
06 Tipic, Formantera
05 Sep Cocoon at Pacha, Ibiza
25 Aug Vent, Tokyo
24 Aug Kilo Lounge, Singapore
23 Aug Kyo, Kuala Lumpur
18 Aug The Garten, Beirut
13 Aug Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
12 Aug Loveland, Amsterdam
10 Aug Culture Box, Copenhagen
09 Aug Kvarteret, Stockholm
05 Aug Cirque Magique, Ledegem
04 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
02 Aug Afterlife at Hi, Ibiza
29 Jul Polifonic, Masseria Del Turco
28 Jul BLITZ, Munich (afterparty)
28 Jul Schall im Schilf Open Air, Garching
27 Jul Lux, Lisbon
15 Jul Woodstock, Bloemendaal
14 Jul Sacred Ground, Brüssow
14 Jul PAL Open Air, Hamburg
13 Jul Wildeburg, Kraggenburg
09 Jul Liasti, Mykonos
07 Jul Peacock Society, Paris
06 Jul Kafes, Istanbul
01 Jul Solomun+1 at Pacha, Ibiza
30 Jun Mondo, Madrid
24 Jun Maeve at Body & Soul, Co. Westmeath
22 Jun Rockstore, Montpellier
16 Jun Maeve at Nitsa, Barcelona
16 Jun Afterlife, Barcelona
15 Jun Maeve for Oma at Le Petit Salon, Lyon
10 Jun Output, New York
09 Jun Space, Miami
08 Jun Flash, DC
04 Jun Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
02 Jun ADD Festival, Athens
01 Jun AVA Festival, Belfast
31 May Primavera Sound, Barcelona
26 May BAR, Rotterdam
25 May Shelter, Amsterdam
19 May Maeve at Funkhaus, Berlin
19 May Soenda Festival, Utrecht
18 May Audio, Geneva
05 May Hydra at Printworks, London
04 May Smolna, Warsaw
28 Apr Fuse, Brussels
27 Apr Corvin, Budapest
22 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
21 Apr Robert Johnson, Offenbach
20 Apr Gewolbe, Cologne
08 Apr Spacehall, Tbilisi
06 Apr The Block, Tel Aviv
01 Apr District 8, Dublin
31 Mar DGTL, Amsterdam
30 Mar Bessonitsa, Moscow
23 Mar AND, Johannesburg
17 Mar Bazique Festival, Cape Town
11 Mar Pitch Music & Arts, Moyston
10 Mar Days Like This, Sydney
03 Mar Dekmantel, São Paulo
02 Mar Crobar, Buenos Aires
23 Feb Village Underground, London
02 Feb ABC Festival, Zurich


31 Dec E1 London, London
30 Dec Republik, Waterford
15 Dec Nacelle, Cairo
09 Dec Rakastella, Miami
08 Dec Tropico Festival, Acapulco
07 Dec Bar Americas Outdoor, Guadalajara
01 DeC Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
18 Nov Underground, Liverpool
17 Nov Motion, Bristol
12 Nov Panorama Bar, Berlin
11 Nov Maeve at Uberhaus, Beirut
10 Nov Maeve at Blue Marlin, Dubai
04 Nov Printworks, London
03 Nov Nitsa, Barcelona
31 Oct Fayer, Valencia
28 Oct BIME, Bilbao
22 Oct Maeve at Thuishaven, Amsterdam
21 Oct Cocoon at Dockyard Festival, Amsterdam
14 Oct Volt, Milan
13 Oct Ex Dogana, Rome
07 Oct Spacehall, Tbilisi
05 Oct Mondo, Madrid
30 Sep Ampere, Antwerp
22 Sep Skye Live Fest, Isle of Skye
18 Sep Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
17 Sep Fort Festival, Castillo de Tossa De Mar
16 Sep Maeve at Blitz, Munich
09 Sep Bow, Buenos Aires
08 Sep Warung, Itajai
03 Sep Electric Picnic, Stradbally
02 Sep Fabric, London
01 Sep Alemagou, Mykonos
31 Aug Maeve at The Block, Tel Aviv
28 Aug Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
27 Aug Woodstock 69, Bloemendaal
26 Aug Lux, Lisbon
24 Aug Limelight, at Gotha, Cannes
21 Aug Sonus Festival at Aquarius, Croatia
20 Aug Aaniwalli, Helsinki
19 Aug Farrago Festival , Schweppermannsburg
17 Aug Afterlife, Ibiza
12 Aug Paradigm Festival, Groningen
11 Aug DGTL, Barcelona
10 Aug Sziget Festival, Budapest
07 Aug Electric Island, Toronto
05 Aug CityFox, NYC
30 Jul Tomorrowland, Boom
28 Jul Gem Fest, Ankalia
25 Jul Pacha, Ibiza
23 Jul Nation of Gondwana, Grünefeld
21 Jul La Clairière, Paris
15 Jul Farr Festival, Bygrave Woods Hertfordshire
14 Jul Fairground Festival, Sousse
13 Jul V Club, Casablanca
09 Jul Kappa Festival, Turin
08 Jul Naturel Beachclub, Scheveningen
07 Jul Kafes, Istanbul
05 Jul NON Rooftop, Thessaloniki
01 Jul Ostrov Festival, Kiev
30 Jun Maeve at Sub Club, Glasgow
25 Jun Body & Soul, Co. Westmeath
24 Jun Cityfox, Zurich
19 Jun Amnesia, Ibiza
17 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
15 Jun Plaza Mayor, Barcelona
10 Jun Paradigm, Groningen
09 Jun Primavera, Porto
02 Jun Maeve at Panorama Bar, Berlin
28 May Pacha, Ibiza
15 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
08 Apr Caprices Festival, Crans Montana
07 Apr IFZ, Leipzig
01 Apr District 8, Dublin
31 Mar Tweak_ at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
25 Mar Village Underground, London
24 Mar Ampere Off Location, Antwerp
18 Mar Chytirio, Athens
17 Mar Nitsa, Barcelona
12 Mar Panorama Bar, Berlin
11 Mar SQ @ Stara Rzeznia, Poznan
10 Mar Yoyo Palais de Tokyo, Paris
09 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
05 Mar Deep’n Morning Carnival, Naples
04 Mar Robert Johnson, Offenbach
03 Mar Bessonitsa, Moscow
26 Feb Le Sucre, Lyon
25 Feb Ugs Pro, Belgrade
16 Jan Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
14 Jan Maeve, Playa del Carmen
01 Jan Let Them Eat Cake, Melbourne
01 Jan All My Friends, Perth


31 Dec Greenwood Hotel, Sydney
22 Dec St Columbs Hall, Derry
09 Dec Lux, Lisbon
07 Dec Mondo, Madrid
03 Dec Panorama Bar, Berlin
02 Dec Nitsa, Barcelona
26 Nov WHP, Manchester
26 Nov Circus & Fabric, Liverpool
19 Nov RBMA x Indigo, Istanbul
18 Nov RBMA x Groove On The Grass, Dubai
12 Nov Reset, Bari
11 Nov Volt, Milan
05 Nov Maeve for Calypso, Gammarth
04 Nov Magazine Club, Lille
29 Oct Blk Market, New York
28 Oct Escape, Los Angeles
27 Oct Monarch, San Francisco
23 Oct Maeve ADE @ De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
15 Oct Future is Now at Kaufleuten, Zurich
30 Sep Maeve at La Belle Electrique, Grenoble
29 Sep Space, Ibiza
24 Sep Maeve at District 8, Dublin
23 Sep Maeve at RePublik, Waterford
18 Sep Oasis Festival, Marrakech
17 Sep Tivoli, Utrecht (night)
17 Sep Draaimolen Festival, Tilburg (day)
16 Sep Reworks Festival, Thessaloniki
15 Sep Sweat Lodge x The Block, Tel Aviv
11 Sep Solomun + 1 at Pacha, Ibiza
10 Sep Hell / Dunkel Festival, Düsseldorf
09 Sep Into the Woods, Amersfoort
03 Sep Maeve at Uberhaus, Beirut
02 Sep Maeve at La Clairière, Paris
28 Aug Sub Club, Glasgow
27 Aug Panorama Bar, Berlin
26 Aug Electric Minds, London
22 Aug Amnesia, Ibiza
21 Aug Woodstock, Bloemendaal
19 Aug Jardins Suspendus, Marseilles
13 Aug Dream Beach, Almería
12 Aug DGTL, Barcelona
11 Aug Maeve at Gem Fest, Georgia
04 Aug Space, Ibiza
31 Jul Frohnatur, Essen
30 Jul Maeve at Mondo Madrid
28 Jul Into the Valley Festival Rättvik, Sweden
27 Jul Naomi Beach Fest, Ancona
24 Jul Pratersauna, Vienna
23 Jul Romy S, Stuttgart
22 Jul Naturel Beachclub, Scheveningen
21 Jul Space, Ibiza
15 Jul Melt Festival, Gräfenhainchen
03 Jul CityFox, New York
02 Jul Rooftop, Denver
01 Jul Stereo, Montreal
26 Jun Paradise City Festival Castle Ribaucourt, Perk
25 Jun Paradigm, Groningen
24 Jun Glastonbury Festival, Somerset
20 Jun Cocoon at Amnesia, Ibiza
19 Jun TBA, TBA
17 Jun Sónar by Night, Barcelona
11 Jun Cinematine at Cafe del Rio, Budapest
10 Jun MeetFactory, Prauge
06 Jun Cocoon at Amnesia, Ibiza
04 Jun AVA Festival, Belfast (night)
04 Jun Junction Festival, London (day)
03 Jun Distortion Festival, Copenhagen (night)
03 Jun Primavera Sound, Barcelona (day)
28 May Lost Village Festival, Lincoln
28 May Sound City Festival, Liverpool
27 May Lifefestival, Ireland
25 May Nowa Jerozolima, Warsaw
22 May Maeve at Yoyo – Palais de Tokyo, Paris
21 May Soenda Festival, Utrecht
20 May Kaiku, Helsinki
19 May Rock in Rio, Lisbon
14 May Maeve @ D-Edge Open Air, São Paulo
14 May Maeve @ Warung, Itajai
13 May Club 88, Campinas
05 May Gewölbe, Cologne
04 May Goethebunker, Essen
01 May Panorama Bar, Berlin
30 Apr Maeve at Hangar, Marina di Pietrasanta (Night)
30 Apr Social Music City, Milan (Day)
29 Apr Maeve at D! Club, Lausanne
23 Apr Coachella, Indio
22 Apr Maeve at Imperial, Vancouver
16 Apr Coachella, Indio
15 Apr Maeve at Warehouse, Chicago
14 Apr Maeve at U Hall, DC
02 Apr Gare, Porto
27 Mar Maeve @ DGTL Festival, Amsterdam
26 Mar Maeve @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
25 Mar Maeve @ Village Underground, London
24 Mar Maeve @ Nitsa, Barcelona
20 Mar Summer Series at Revolver, Melbourne
19 Mar Return to Rio, Sydney
19 Mar Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne
18 Mar Warehouse, Perth
12 Mar Kyo, Singapore
11 Mar Jenja, Bali
05 Mar Robert Johnson, Offenbach
04 Mar IFZ, Leipzig
03 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
February OFF
23 Jan Maeve @ Pearl Beach Club, Dominican Republic
18 Jan Maeve @ Papaya Play Project, Tulum
15 Jan Martina Beach, Playa del Carmen
12 Jan Maeve @ Canibal Royal, Playa del Carmen
09 Jan Panorama Bar, Berlin
05 Jan Bolgia, Bergamo
02 Jan Lux, Lisbon
01 Jan Tobacco Dock, London


31 Dec Roots of Minimal at Artcube, Gent
27 Dec De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
26 Dec District 8, Dublin
19 Dec HAïKU, Paris
12 Dec Kong, Munich
11 Dec Pratersauna, Vienna
10 Dec Mondo, Madrid
05 Dec Arts Club, Liverpool
04 Dec Warehouse Project, Manchester
01 Dec Interval Festival, Bucharest
28 Nov Tenax, Florence
27 Nov Tunnel, Milan
21 Nov Creamfields, Peru
20 Nov Baum, Bogota
14 Nov Creamfields, Argentina
13 Nov Warung, Itajai
10 Nov Crossover Festival, Nice
08 Nov Panorama Bar, Berlin
07 Nov Zukunft, Zurich
06 Nov Kowalski, Stuttgart
05 Nov The Block, Tel Aviv
31 Oct Innervisions at Movement Festival, Turin
30 Oct Village Underground, London
24 Oct Maeve at Indigo, Istanbul
23 Oct Maeve at PIXI, Athens
18 Oct Maeve ADE Showcase at De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
16 Oct Maeve for Terminal Events, Tbilisi
11 Oct CRSSD Festival, San Diego
10 Oct Hardtop, Juarez
09 Oct iiipoints Festival, Miami
03 Oct Maeve at Nordstern, Basel
02 Oct NAME Festival, Lille
28 Sep Cocoon at Amnesia, Ibiza
26 Sep Nitsa, Barcelona
25 Sep Maeve at Sub Club, Glasgow
19 Sep Freischwimmer Open Air, Freiburg
18 Sep Rework Festival, Thessaloniki
13 Sep Pacha, Ibiza
12 Sep Fuse, Brussels
12 Sep Smeerboel Festival, Utrecht
11 Sep Scenario @ Andrea Doria, Rome
06 Sep Electric Picnic, Stradbally
30 Aug SW4 Afterparty at Electric Brixton, London
30 Aug SW4, London
29 Aug Voltt Festival, Amsterdam
28 Aug LAD @ DC10, Ibiza
22 Aug Metro Dance Club, Alicante
20 Aug B My Lake Festival, Hungary
15 Aug NEopop Festival, Porto
14 Aug Flow Festival, Helsinki
12 Aug EPHEMERE Festival, Hammamet
08 Aug Maeve Event, Dublin
06 Aug Enter @ Space, Ibiza
04 Aug Meridien, Taormins
03 Aug Parco Gondar, Gallipoli
01 Aug Dekmantel Festival, Amsterdam
31 Jul Airfield Festival, Sibiu
24 Jul The Bay Festival, Corsica
22 Jul Musikaliska, Stockholm
18 Jul Maeve @ Warung, Itajai
17 Jul Maeve @ D-Edge, São Paulo
16 Jul 5uinto, Brasilia
09 Jul Tipic, Formentera
06 Jul Cocoon @ Amnesia, Ibiza
05 Jul LIAM, Amsterdam
04 Jul Panorama Bar, Berlin
03 Jul Maeve @ PIXI Beach, Athens
28 Jun Paradigam, Groningen
27 Jun Expedition Festival, Rotterdam
26 Jun Maeve @ Electric, Paris
25 Jun Maeve @ Mondo, Madrid
24 Jun Maeve @ Celtronic Festival, Derry
20 Jun The Arch, Brighton
17 Jun Maeve Rave Sonar, Barcelona
10 Jun HYTE @ Amnesia, Ibiza
07 Jun Woodstock69, Bloemendaal
06 Jun Maeve @ Robert Johnson, Offenbach
30 May Maeve @ The Garret, Miami
29 May Maeve @ Output, New York
23 May Innervisions After Party @ Leland City Club, Detroit (night)
23 May Enter @ Movement Festival, Detroit (afternoon)
22 May Lightning In A Bottle Festival, Bradley
21 May Shine, Vancouver
17 May Pikinic Electronic, Montreal
16 May Maeve @ CODA, Toronto
15 May Together Festival, Boston
13 May Nuit Soneres, Lyon
03 May Opium Rooms, Dublin
01 May Maeve @ Eden Beach, Dubai
26 Apr Brunch Electronic, Barcelona
25 Apr Die Rakete, Nurnberg
24 Apr Villa Nova, Hamburg
12 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
05 Apr Electric Minds, London
04 Apr DGTL Festival, Amsterdam
03 Apr Cafe d’Anvers, Antwerp
02 Apr Gare, Porto
29 Mar Last Resort, Miami
27 Mar Maeve @ Trade, Miami
27 Mar Ultra Festival, Miami
21 Mar Maeve @ Loud, Turin
20 Mar Dude, Milan
19 Mar Goa, Rome
14 Mar Zukunft, Zurich
13 Mar Culture Box, Copenhagen
08 Mar Panorama Bar, Berlin
07 Mar Maeve @ Perron, Rotterdam
06 Mar Lux, Lisbon
05 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
24 Jan Berghain, Berlin
19 Jan TBA, Tulum
15 Jan Innervisions BPM @ Blue Venado, Playa del Carmen
12 Jan Maeve BPM @ Fusion Beach, Playa del Carmen
09 Jan Warung, Itajai
08 Jan DEdge, Sao Paulo
03 Jan Blackdog, San Juan


31 Dec CityFox, New York
28 Dec Trouw, Amsterdam
26 Dec District 8, Dublin
19 Dec Panorama Bar, Berlin
13 Dec ZoukOut Festival, Singapore
07 Dec Stereosonic, Melbourne
06 Dec Stereosonic, Brisbane
04 Dec Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
30 Nov Stereosonic, Sydney
29 Nov Stereosonic, Perth
22 Nov Zu Bar, Pescara
21 Nov Tunnel, Milan
15 Nov The Mission at Casa Presei, Bucharest
14 Nov Permanent Vacation @ Kong, Munich
08 Nov Magazine Club, Lille
07 Nov Nordstern, Basel
01 Nov Motion, Bristol
31 Oct Troxy, London
25 Oct Duel Beat, Naples
24 Oct Maeve @ Le Faust, Paris
19 Oct ADE @ Trouw, Amsterdam
18 Oct Distillery, Leipzig
17 Oct Villa, Oslo
11 Oct Rebel, Rome
10 Oct D Club, Laussane
06 Oct Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
04 Oct Naturel Beachclub, Scheveningen
02 Oct Mondo, Madrid
27 Sep Maeve @ Opium Rooms, Dublin
26 Sep Limelight, Belfast
22 Sep Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
21 Sep Panorama Bar, Berlin
13 Sep Uberhaus, Beirut
12 Sep Indigo, Istanbul
11 Sep Unkonwn Festival, Croatia
06 Sep Hell & Dunkel Festival, Neuss
05 Sep Pratersauna, Vienna
04 Sep Enter @ Space, Ibiza
31 Aug Lost In A Moment, Berlin
30 Aug Voltt Festival, Amsterdam
29 Aug Bolivar Beach, Athens
25 Aug Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
24 Aug Faversham, Leeds
19 Aug Meridien, Taormina
17 Aug Aaniwalli, Helsinki
15 Aug Auto.Matic.Open, Augsburg
14 Aug Cocorico, Riccione
13 Aug Barrakud Festival, Croatia
10 Aug Beacons Festival, Skipton
07 Aug Enter @ Space, Ibiza
02 Aug Eastern Electrics, London
31 Jul HYTE at L’Atlantida, Barcelona
27 Jul Audioriver, Plock
26 Jul 10 Days Off, Gent
25 Jul Maeve @ Suma Beach, Istanbul
20 Jul Longitude Festival, Marlay Park Dublin
18 Jul Panorama Bar, Berlin
18 Jul Melt Festival, Grafenhainichen
15 Jul Space, Ibiza
12 Jul Maeve @ Republik, Waterford
06 Jul Kappa Futurfestival, Turin
05 Jul Maeve @ Oval Space, London
04 Jul ZigZag, Paris
30 Jun Hideout Festival, Croatia
28 Jun Muretto, Jesolo
27 Jun Maeve @ Trouw, Amsterdam
26 Jun Maeve @ Space, Ibiza
21 Jun Beehive, Passo Fundo
20 Jun Warung, Itajai
19 Jun Pacha, Buenos Aires
18 Jun D-Edge, Sao Paulo
15 Jun Woodstock69, Bloemendaal
14 Jun Paradigm, Groningen
11 Jun Maeve @ El Monasterio, Barcelona
09 Jun Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
08 Jun Parlife Afterparty @ Underland, Manchester
08 Jun Parklife Festival, Manchester
07 Jun Maeve @ Hinterfoh, Basel
05 Jun Maeve @ The Block, Tel Aviv
31 May Siete, Quito
30 May Centro de Convenciones, Bogota
25 May City Club, Detroit
25 May Electric Daisy Carnival, New York
24 May Garret, Miami
23 May Spy Bar, Chicago
19 May Electric Island, Toronto
16 May A38, Budapest
09 May Motion, Bristol (Cancelled)
03 May Nitsa, Barcelona
02 May Cue, Istanbul
30 Apr Showcase, Paris
26 Apr CityFox, Zurich
20 Apr DGTL Festival, Amsterdam
18 Apr The Arches, Glasgow
12 Apr Fuse, Brussels
05 Apr Cityfox, New York
04 Apr U Hall, DC
30 Mar Last Resort @ WMC, Miami
29 Mar Flying Circus, Mexico City
28 Mar Enter @ WMC, Miami
28 Mar Boat Party @ WMC, Miami
23 Mar Berghain, Berlin
22 Mar Mondo, Madrid
21 Mar Troyka, Moscow
17 Mar Meeting House Square, Dublin
15 Mar Maeve @ Tivoli, Utrecht
14 Mar Cafe d’Anvers, Antwerp
13 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
08 Mar Crucifix Lane, London
07 Mar Lambretto, Milan
01 Mar Movement, Turin (Cancelled)
28 Feb Trouw, Amsterdam
22 Feb Studio Martin, Buckarest
21 Feb Opium Club, Vilnius
15 Feb Robert Johnson, Offenbach
08 Feb H2O, Pecq
07 Feb Selective Hearing, Manchester
07 Feb THe Kazimier, Liverpool
01 Feb Social Club, Paris
31 Jan Lux, Lisbon
24 Jan Air, Tokyo
18 Jan Panorama Bar, Berlin
13 Jan TBA, Tulum
10 Jan Innervisions @ Blue Venado, Playa Del Carmen
07 Jan Life & Death @ BPM, Playa Del Carmen
01 Jan Hydra, London
01 Jan Canal Mills, Leeds