• Labels Atomnation / Permanent Vacation
  • Based Munich, Germany
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It is a satisfying experience when an artist manages to create a modern sound by implementing what makes dance music so dearly appreciated amongst enthusiasts: Blended noises, repetition and some cheeky, unexpected madness. Sam Goku does that in his productions – with a sleek straightforwardness that one would not expect from a rather hypnotic beat. He skilfully plays his way through myriads of subgenres and microcosm in the realm of (leftfield) house, techno and bass music, developing sets that are equally characterized by buoyant ease and yet great depth in the rhythmic, melodic and sonic details.

01 Oct TBA, TBA (CHI)
27 Jul TBA, TBA (SUI)
26 Jul Polifonic, Puglia
06 Jul Septem Festival, Paris
29 Jun Radio Radio, Amsterdam
22 Jun Viavia, Barkade
08 Jun Preziose Fest, Como
31 May BLITZ, Munich
26 May TOYS at ://about blank, Berlin
12 Apr Legal, Munich
06 Apr BLITZ, Munich
16 Feb BLITZ, Munich
20 Jan Nachtiville, Oldenburg in Holstein
18 Jan Globus at Tresor, Berlin
13 Jan Zukunft, Zurich


15 Dec Luna, Kiel
02 Dec Blurry at Humboldthain, Berlin
01 Dec BLITZ, Munich
03 Nov Toldi Club, Budapest
28 Oct ://about blank, Berlin,
20 Oct OIL, Shenzhen
14 Oct Elevator, Shanghai
13 Oct Wigwam, Beijing
06 Oct Unmute, Hanoi
23 Sep OXI, Berlin
06 Sep Wittelsbacherplat, Munich
26 Aug Back to the Woods, Garching
24 Jun Opal, Milan
17 Jun BLITZ, Munich
28 May ELSE, Berlin
27 May Modular, Augsburg
06 May B&S, NYC
25 Feb Panorama Bar, Berlin
24 Feb BLITZ, Munich
11 Feb Tempio Del Futuro, Milan
04 Feb Rote Sonne, Munich
03 Feb Rosa, Greifswald
27 Jan Hallo Werner, Augsburg


02 Dec BLITZ, Munich
28 Nov BildKlang Festival, Munich
12 Nov Die Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg
22 Oct Schlegel Kulturclub, Bochum
14 Oct BLITZ, Munich
07 Oct Yu Yu, Mexico City
17 Sep Weltspiele, Hannover
13 Aug Mansions, NYC
31 Jul RSO, Berlin
30 Jul Escape to Olganiz, Cavertitz
15 Jul BLITZ, Munich
01 Jul Fusion, Larz
18 Jun Panorama BAr, Berlin
11 Jun BLITZ, Munich
14 May Night Tales, London
22 Apr Aeden, Berlin
26 Feb Zukunft, Zurich
28 Jan Jellyfish, Yerevan

16 Oct Fluido, Madrid
24 Sep Reworks, Thessaloniki
11 Sep FLUFF, Fitzroy Garden, Berlin
28 Jul arch at ://about blank, Berlin
20 Jun Gaswerk Sommer, Augsburg

23 Feb Robert Johnson, Offenbach