Maeve Heavy Rotations Vol. 1

Heavy Rotations Vol 1 is Maeve‘s first long player. Releasing a compilation has long been an ambition of the label, however time was the key component in producing a record we could all be proud of. The best laid plans can often fall by the wayside, having a clear idea of what you want to achieve with a record like this changes constantly as you collect the pieces of the puzzle and try fit them together in a way that makes sense.

As well as the label founders we started by also inviting friends that had already released on Maeve, to contribute to the compilation. This was a good starting point as each of those artists are all quite different from one another so we felt it could produce some interesting results. There was no brief, just a blank canvas to contribute something they felt belonged on the label. It was also super important for us to use this record as a platform for lesser known artists to showcase their work.

So after 2 years of planning we finally have an 11 track compilation together which will be delivered as a triple vinyl in early June. It is a record that developed and changed a lot over that period but now is something Maeve is very excited to share with the world.