Shinedoe: Acidploitation EP

Through the years Intacto Records became a household name. The label was founded in Amsterdam in 2004 under the collaborative effort of Shinedoe and 2000 and One.

It was launched as a platform for the by then strongly emerging Amsterdam scene supporting a pack of local artists shaping a fresh distinctive sound which took over the electronic scene by storm. Intacto’s defining sound included many styles and its catalog is a melting pot of influences of which house and techno are the key elements. After running Intacto Records successfully for 14 years, Shinedoe and 2000 and One have joined forces on their very first collaborative release.

A ten year old unreleased 2000 and One track “World of Acid” have been played out by Shinedoe for years and received ecstatic feedback from the clubbing crowds. Convincing him to release this timeless tune to scorch the dancefloors worldwide, Shinedoe was inspired to do a remix. In return 2000 and One remixed her track “Acidploitation” which she recently produced. “Acidploitation” EP is the culmination of two Dutch legends, defining their take on music once again. Out June 8th on Vinyl and July 8th Digital on most leading stores.