Potential Current LP & Groove Podcast: Inland

Inland released a new 14 tracks LP as well as a mix of his own tracks and interview for Groove Magazine.

“Times like these help me to see that even more clearly. I really love this music – I truly believe that it can help people and bring joyful enlightening experiences. I feel like the longer I keep working and learning, and we all keep on developing it, it gets more and more exciting and rewarding.”

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“‘Potential Current’ is a new album of club tracks, extended trips and experiments written between 2018 and 2020. Blessed with extra time, improved sleep, mental clarity and a renewal of vision during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, I set out to finalise the tracks, editing, mixing and mastering them as a whole body of work. These 14 tracks have been central in my DJ sets over the past 2 years, forming a narrative of stand-out, personal moments on dancefloors around the world – from bangers to blissed-out ending songs.”