Release News: Cooper Saver, Iron Curtis, Underspreche, R.Kitt

Cooper Saver signals a new album, Me Succeeds remixes Iron Curtis, Underspreche contributes vocals to Henri Bergmann, R.Kitt appears on R & S’ In Order To Care.

“These are two versions of a track from an album that I will self-release on my bandcamp later on.” Cooper Saver

“My dear friends from Me Succeeds from Hamburg did a series of remixes for one of the tracks from my Upstream Colour lp. They composed an entire EP around the remixes which they’ll release as a 12” and digitally. I’m stunned by their work and the way they transformed the original in this epic 5-track story.” Iron Curtis

“I came across Underspreche and asked if Marika would be interested in singing over it and that was really the missing piece to the song. It kind of reminds me of old school Massive Attack now.” Henri Bergmann

“R & S have put together a 41 track compilation to try and raise funds for PPE for the NHS. I’m very privileged to be able to contribute a track towards the cause.” R.Kitt