• Labels Just This, Afterlife, Kompakt
  • Based Milan, Italy
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Hunter/Game is an Italian electronic music duo comprising of Martino Bertola and Emmanuele Nicosia. Born and bred in Milan, Italy, these two visionary artists have carved a distinct niche in the realm of electronic music with their signature sound characterized by deep, emotive melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

Martino and Emmanuele’s musical journey began separately, with each of them exploring various genres and styles before fate brought them together. Their paths converged in 2010 when they decided to combine their individual talents and embark on a collaborative venture that would soon become known as Hunter/Game.

Drawing inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds and shared passion for electronic music, Hunter/Game quickly gained recognition for their unique sonic aesthetic. Their music effortlessly bridges the gap between the dance floor and introspective listening, blending elements of house, techno, and ambient to create immersive soundscapes that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

In addition to their studio productions, Hunter/Game are renowned for their dynamic and captivating live performances as well as DJ sets which Martino plays by himself. Whether commanding the stage at iconic venues (Fabric London, HI Ibiza, DC10, Brooklyn Mirage, etc.) or enchanting festival crowds (Sonar, ADE, Tomorrowland, Zamna Tulum, etc) with their spellbinding sets, Martino and Emmanuele possess an innate ability to connect with audiences and create unforgettable experiences through music.

Over the years, Hunter/Game have released a plethora of acclaimed tracks and EPs on esteemed labels such as Afterlife, Innervisions, and Kompakt, solidifying their status as influential figures within the electronic music scene. Their discography is a testament to their artistic evolution, showcasing a relentless commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.

Beyond their work as musicians, Hunter/Game are also revered for their contributions to the global electronic music community. Through their label, Just This, they have provided a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents and have curated events that celebrate the diverse spectrum of electronic music culture.

With their unwavering dedication to their craft and an unmistakable artistic vision, Hunter/Game continue to captivate audiences around the world and leave an indelible mark on the landscape of electronic music. As they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of their creativity, the future holds endless possibilities for this pioneering Italian duo.

23 Nov TBA, TBA (IT)
17 Aug TBA, TBA (ARG)
16 Aug TBA, TBA (PY)
05 Aug TBA, TBA (IT)
13 Jul TBA, TBA (DE)
04 Jul TBA, TBA (ES)
28 Jun LAS Festival, Paczyn
20 Jun Pitt Club, Kuala Lumpur
16 Jun Twinka Lab, Xiamen
16 Jun IFC Music Festival, Xiamen
14 Jun Off the Record, Seoul
08 Jun Fabric, London
05 Jun Komma, Paris
01 Jun Mood, Tucaman
31 May Elements at Club Aráoz, Buenos
25 May Rue Rêves at Mr Jones, Mar del Plata
24 May After Play at El Roble, Mendoza
19 May Budaörs Airport, Budapest
10 May FOMO, Baku
03 May Groove on the Grass, Jeddah
27 Apr Escape Festival, Diessenhofen
20 Apr Timelapse Festival, Bouznika
13 Apr Audio, Geneva
06 Apr High Ultra Lounge, Bangalore
05 Apr SoHo, Delhi
29 Mar Klein, Istanbul
21 Mar SET Underground Boat, Miami
16 Mar Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
09 Mar Afterlife, Buenos Aires
25 Feb SET Underground, San Francisco
24 Feb SET Underground, Los Angeles
17 Feb Nomad, Toronto
09 Feb SoHo Garden, Dubai
06 Jan Afterlife at Zamna, Tulum
05 Jan Ocaso Festival, Tamarindo
02 Jan The Club Courmayeur, Courmayeur


29 Dec La Dulce Vista, Puerto Vallarta
21 DEC Atlas Super Club, Bali
16 Dec Celia, Shanghai
15 Dec Aurora, Beijing
08 Dec Studio Club, Malaga
27 Nov Kai, Delhi
26 Nov Noise, Goa
25 Nov Xora, Hyderbad
24 Nov Triveni Farms, Agra
18 Nov Várkert Bazár, Budapest
04 Nov Zapateadle Machin, San Luis Potosi
03 Nov SET Underground, Oaxaca
02 Nov Funk, Mexico City
28 Oct Codigo, León
27 Oct Luzy Boom, Guadalajara
21 Oct Dockyard Festival, Amsterdam
14 Oct Extra, Padova
29 Sep Maze, Tel Aviv
01 Sep Kowalski, Stuttgart
25 Aug ELSE, Berlin
19 Aug Fabric, London
12 Aug Amazon Club, Chapecó
11 Aug Caos, Campinas
10 Aug D Edge, Sau Paulo
05 Aug La Estacion, Cordoba
04 Aug DMENSIONS, Resistencia
03 Aug Sala Metronomo, Santiago
27 Jul Afterlife, Ibiza
15 Jul Q4U, Baku
06 Jul SoHo Garden, Dubai
02 Jul Aqui Te Quiero Ver, Manizales
01 Jul Sonorama, Medellin
30 Jun The Gate, Bogota
23 Jun KOMMA, Paris
16 Jun Afterlife, Barcelona
11 Jun Xora, Hyderabad
10 Jun F Superclub, Bangalore
09 Jun IBaardos La Citta, New Delhi
27 May Volt, Milan
20 May Womb, Tokyo
19 May Aurora, Beijing
13 May Graf Karl, Kassel
28 Apr Village Underground, Lisbon
25 Mar The Bohemian Hotel, Playa Lagarto
17 Mar Live at Watergate, Berlin
04 Mar AYZ, Istanbul
24 Feb B018, Dubai
18 Feb Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
11 Feb Luzy Boom, Guadalajara
10 Feb Diente de León, Puebla
09 Feb Mar & Wan, Puerto Escondido
26 Jan Forum, Beer Sheeva
17 Jan La Carpa, Mar Del Plata
15 Jan Quinta Las Rosas, Mendoza
13 Jan Club La Sala, Valparaiso
12 Jan Sala Metronomo, Santiago


23 Dec Maze, Tel Aviv
22 Dec 04, Haifa
16 Dec Tempo, Cairo
26 Nov IGR Festival, Dubai
19 Nov Klein, Istanbul
12 Nov Ritter Buzke, Berlin
30 Oct XORA, Hyderabad
29 Oct Glyt, Bangalore
14 Oct Augerge, Lugano
11 Oct Mango Club, Madrid
07 Oct Volt, Milan
29 Sep Matta, Tel Aviv
20 Sep Mendoza, Malta
18 Sep Afterparty, Bogota
17 Sep Black Box, Bogota
16 Sep Hooka, Pereira
10 Sep Afterlife, NYC
03 Sep UFO, Beirut
28 Aug Settepuntonove, Porto San Giorgio
23 Aug Sanctus, Mykonos
21 Aug ELSE, Berlin
13 Aug Forum, Beer Sheeva
12 Aug Culture Box, Copenhagne
07 Aug REIWA, Terracina
06 Aug Kontrast Festival, Augsburg
04 Aug La Terrrazza, Barclona
30 Jul Tension Festival, Basel
28 Jul Afterlife, Ibiza
26 Jul Sanctus, Mykonos
22 Jul Badawi, Itria Valley
16 Jul Live at Rituel Days, Paris
14 Jul Kafes, Istanbul
09 Jul Warung, Itajai
08 Jul Caos, Campinas
02 Jul Salon Vicenzo, Tucumán
01 Jul Bahrein, Buenos Aires
25 Jun Live at OpenGate Society, Madrid
18 Jun Mystic Garden Festival, Amsterdam
16 Jun SoHo Garden, Dubai
11 Jun Ritterbuzke, Berlin
10 Jun Private Event, Milan
05 Jun Moon Child, Tel Aviv
27 May NZZ am Bellevue, Zurich
26 May Live at Sandbox Festival, Egypt
15 May Flamingos, Morelia
14 May Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
13 May ANTIK, San Jose
07 May Volt, Milan
04 May Forum, Beer Sheeva
01 May Solaris, Bhopal
30 Apr Khubani, New Delhi
29 Apr Reeth, Goa
23 Apr Onaki, Mazatlán
22 Apr Casa Cobra, Guadalajara
21 Apr Bar Oriente, Mexico City
14 Apr The Block, Tel Aviv
09 Apr Chinatown at Kugl, St Gallen
24 Mar Chincness, Thessaloniki
19 Mar Klein, Istanbul
18 Mar Zappa, Tel Aviv
11 Mar Carthage Thalasso Resort, Gammarth
05 Mar Live at Fabric, London
27 Jan Forum, Beer Sheeva
15 Jan Afterlife, Costa Rica
13 Jan Salon Amador, Medellin
09 Jan Paradise, Pereira
08 Jan Blackbox Festival, Bogota
04 Jan Afterlife, Tulum
01 Jan Complejo Coloccini, Cordoba

31 Dec Roca Rosa, Rio Cuarto
24 Dec D24, Sun Juan
18 Dec Auberge, Lugano
11 Dec Vivrant, Stockholm
04 Dec Hangout Cure, Izmir
03 Dec Kastle, Istanbul
13 Nov Monte Cristo Estate, Hal Luqa
05 Nov SoHo Garden, Dubai
31 Oct Juliana Club, Cairo
29 Oct Volt, Milan
10 Oct Prism, Hyderabad
09 Oct Royal Orchid, Bangalore
08 Oct Curlies, Goa
19 Sep Panic Botanic, Juarez
16 Sep MIA, Tulum
28 Aug Auberge, Lugano
21 Aug Sanctus, Mykonos
16 Aug R2, Marseille
14 Aug King Kong Chateau, Kortrijk
16 Jul Bogart House, New York
11 Jul The Midway, San Francisco
10 Jul NXT, Los Angeles
08 Jul Bar Americas, Guadalajara
03 Jul French Fried, Monterrey
26 Jun DMT Club, Guadalajara

25 Sep Eros Beach Club, N.Coast Egypt
22 Feb A38, Budapest
14 Feb Village Underground, London

31 Dec Yalta Club, Sofia
20 Dec Under Music Club, Seriate
30 Nov Just This/PIXI at Six Dogs, Athens
23 Nov Boiler Room , Shanghai
17 Nov Unspoken 52, Gurgaon
16 Nov Kitty Su, Mumbai
15 Nov Satellite Beach Nazaara, Bangalore
26 Oct Chi by Decandence House, Kiev
18 Oct Live at Volt, Milan
12 Oct Nordstern, Basel
21 Sep Morph Nightclub, St. Petersburg
20 Sep Silence at BASIS, Utrecht
22 Aug Afterlife, Ibiza
21 Aug Tipic, Formantera
16 Aug Silence at The Block, Tel Aviv
07 Aug Alemagou, Mykonos
03 Aug Frida Room, Córdoba
28 Jul Island, Athens
28 Jul Tomorrowland, Boom
27 Jul Polifonic, Masseria del Turco
17 Jul Alemagou, Mykonos
06 Jul Kin Kin Club, Guadalajara
05 Jul Japan, Mexico City
04 Jul Diente de Leon, Puebla
29 Jun Avalon, Los Angeles
15 Jun Tipic, Formantera
07 Jun Bogart House, New York
31 May Blitz, Munich
30 May Lake, Lugano
26 May Blue Bay, Naples
24 May Rive di Tirano, Terracina
10 May Volt, Milan
11 Apr Flower Farm, Milan
05 Apr Lizdas, Kaunas
16 Mar Auberge, Lugano
22 Feb Volt, Milan
16 Feb Input, Barcelona
02 Feb BAALSAAL, Hamburg
03 Jan Epizode Festival, Vietnam


30 Dec Chronicle, Goa
28 Dec Absolut Electric x Bassface, Delhi
27 Dec Moonshine Cafe, Mumbai
21 Dec The Block, Tel Aviv
14 Dec Badaboum, Paris
23 Nov Volt, Milan
17 Nov Club Vaag, Antwerp
16 Nov Watergate, Berlin
20 Oct Just This ADE, Amsterdam
05 Oct Fuse, Brussels
21 Sep Volt, Milan
15 Sep Kin Kin, Guadalajara
14 Sep Club 01, Playa del Carmen
08 Sep Afterlife, New York
07 Sep Lot 613, Los Angeles
23 Aug Afterlife, Ibiza
18 Aug Frida Room, Cordoba
17 Aug Teatro Cariola, Santiag de Chile
11 Aug Wilde Möhre Festival, Drebkau
06 Aug Void, Mykonos
05 Aug Loca Beach, Aígio
28 Jul Polifonic, Masseria Del Turco
28 Jul Tomorrowland, Boom
01 Jun The Block, Tel Aviv
19 May Nitsa, Barcelona
12 May Volt, Milan
05 May Container Hall, Izmir – cancelled
21 Apr Afterlife, Athens
20 Apr Watergate, Berlin
14 Apr Playground Festival, São Paulo
13 Apr Studio Crobar, Buenos Aires
07 Apr Playground Festival, Florianopolis
24 Mar Closr, Beirut
17 Mar Kite Club, Ankara
09 Mar Het Sieraad, Amsterdam
10 Feb Projekt Pralnia, Wroclaw
20 Jan Volt, Milan
14 Jan Pacha, Barcelona
06 Jan Afterlife, Tulum
05 Jan D Club, Laussane


31 Dec Chalet, Berlin
15 Dec BO18, Beirut
08 Dec Notwohnung at Bogen 2, Cologne
18 Nov Cocoricò, Riccione
04 Nov Auro, Delhi
03 Nov Drop, Mumbai
31 Oct Goethebunker, Essen
28 Oct Noir, Jesi
20 Oct Just This at ADE, Amsterdam
13 Oct The Block Tel Aviv
01 Oct Replay Sunset Party, Madrid
25 Sep Circoloco at DC10, Ibiza
23 Sep Volt, Milan
15 Sep Watergate, Berlin
03 Sep Vista Club at Privilege, Ibiza
02 Sep Fabric, London
18 Aug Just This at Alemagou, Mykonos
16 Aug Alemagou, Mykonos
11 Aug Le Rive di Traiano, Terracina
03 Aug Afterlife, Ibiza
21 Jul Gem Fest, Anaklia
19 Jul Alemagou, Mykonos
15 Jul Fairground Festival, Sousse
14 Jul Wildeburg Festival, Kraggenburg
07 Jul Polifonic Festival, Monopoli
01 Jul NoName Festival, Ovifat
25 Jun Wanderlust, Paris
24 Jun Magiq Spiegeltent, Antwerp
22 Jun Tipic, Formantera
16 Jun Just This OFF Sonar, Barcelona
10 Jun komm schon Alter Festival, Amsterdam
03 Jun Just This at Kafes, Istanbul
27 May Volt, Milan
20 May Baum Festival, Bogota
05 May Groove on the Grass, Dubai
29 Apr Sensual Culture, Munich
28 Apr Just This at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
21 Apr Seven, Ascona
15 Apr Hangar, Ibiza
13 Apr Berns, Stockholm
01 Apr Halle W, Geneva
18 Mar Just This at Nitsa, Barcelona
03 Mar De Marktkantine, Amsterdam (Live)
11 Mar Just This at Watergate, Berlin
18 Feb Good Room, Brooklyn
17 Feb 301 Lounge, El Paso
16 Feb Monarch, San Francisco
15 Feb Clinic at Couture, Los Angeles
11 Feb Studio 76, Madrid
04 Feb Tivoli, Utrecht


17 Dec Baalsaal, Hamburg
10 Dec Tenax, Florence
07 Dec Cube at MIND Club, Buenos Aires
03 Dec Cube at Teatro Vorterix, Rosario
02 Dec Cube at Runner, Mendoza
26 Nov Club Piaf, Antwerp
25 Nov Just This at Village Underground, London
19 Nov Kaufleuten, Zurich
18 Nov District 8, Dublin
12 Nov Basilikos Club, Potenza
05 Nov Jenja, Bali
04 Nov Jenja, Jakarta
29 Oct Off & On, Beirut
28 Oct Just This at TBA, Copenhagen
22 Oct Cirq, Venice
21 Oct Amsterdam Studios, Amsterdam
21 Oct Just This at Pllek, Amsterdam
14 Oct Just This at Chytirio, Athens
23 Sep After Dark at Guggenheim Museum & Fever, Bilbao
10 Sep Sweat Lodge x De Marktkantine, Amsterdam
08 Sep The Block, Tel Aviv
28 Aug SW4 Festival, London
26 Aug Kompakt Total, Cologne
20 Aug Straf Werk Festival, Amsterdam
18 Aug Cocoon at Tipic, Formantera
14 Aug Sweat Lodge x Glazart, Paris
11 Aug Afterlife at Space, Ibiza
30 Jul Just This Stage at Voltage Festival Transfo, Zwevegem
29 Jul Swan Lake, Moscow
24 Jul Lost In A Moment, Tuscany
16 Jul RePublik at Project, Waterford
14 Jul Watergate, Berlin
09 Jul Warung, Itajai
08 Jul D-Edge, Sao Paulo
02 Jul The Zoo, La Paz
01 Jul Baum, Bogota
25 Jun Hyppodrome, Naples
24 Jun Just This at Radium, Tbilisi
22 Jun Wanderlust / Nuits Fauves, Paris
19 Jun Kompakt Sonar at Parco del Forum, Barcelona
17 Jun Just This at Up & Down, Barcelona
11 Jun Edit Festival, Haarlem
05 Jun XI Festival, Florence
04 Jun Chocolate Festival, Lausanne
03 Jun Just This at Radion, Amsterdam
01 Jun Just This, Copenhagen
22 May Club Søndag, Hulste
21 May Goethebunker, Essen
15 May Whoosah Beachclub , Scheveningen
11 May Boiler Room at Watergate, Berlin
07 May Stereo, Montreal
06 May Spy Bar, Chicago
30 Apr The Grand, Wollongong
30 Apr Burdekin, Sydney
29 Apr Brown Alley, Melbourne
23 Apr Arc Club, Tokyo
22 Apr Como, Kuala Lumpur
20 Apr Cha Cha Moon, Kuh Samui
16 Apr Watergate, Berlin
15 Apr Village Underground, London
09 Apr TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
01 Apr Rilindja Warehouse, Prishtina
25 Mar Eden Beach, Dubai
19 Mar Goa, Rome
18 Mar Artel Bessonica, Moscow
12 Mar BO18, Beirut
11 Mar Just This @ Indigo, Istanbul
06 Mar Oasi, Vicenza
04 Mar PIXI, Athens
03 Mar The Block, Tel Aviv
27 Feb ResetClub, Bari
26 Feb Tunnel, Milan
06 Feb Bloc, London
05 Feb Radion, Amsterdam
31 Jan Tigullio, Malta
02 Jan U Bahn, Tbilisi
01 Jan Virgo, Paris


26 Dec Kyo, Singapore
25 Dec Jenja, Bali
02 Dec Eden Beach, Dubai
28 Nov Launmomentdat, Timisoara
21 Nov Just This at Nitsa, Barcelona
20 Nov Métrica Club, Malaga
13 Nov Lacoste, Milan
31 Oct Nordstren, Basel
31 Oct Belasco Theater, Los Angeles
30 Oct CODA, Toronto
24 Oct Just This at Baalsaal, Hamburg
23 Oct Just This at Culture Box, Copenhagen
17 Oct Kompakt ADE, Amsterdam
09 Oct Die Rakete, Nuremberg
03 Oct PROZAK 2.0, Krakow
02 Oct MAXXI Outdoor Festival, Rome
18 Sep Just This at Village Underground, London
05 Sep Club Piaf, Antwerp
14 Aug Fun Beach, Izmir
13 Aug The Block, Tel Aviv
07 Aug Pratersauna, Vienna
01 Aug Bocca Beach, Sousse
24 Jul Hive, Zurich
18 Jul Just This at PIXI Beach, Athens
17 Jul Watergate, Berlin
11 Jul Opium Rooms, Dublin
11 Jul Auto Cobalcescu, Bucharest
04 Jul Stereo, Montreal
03 Jul The Nest, Toronto
27 Jun Lost Club, Montañita Ecuador
26 Jun Trade, Miami
20 Jun Coconut Club, Barcelona
19 Jun Just This Off Sonar, Barcelona
14 Jun URArt, Los Angeles
13 Jun Public Works, San Francisco
12 Jun Tara, Roma Mexico
04 Jun Culture Box, Copenhagen
30 May Landslide Live, Milan
29 May Gewölbe, Cologne
24 May Whoosah, Scheveningen
24 May Aerodrome, Lille
16 May Square, Tortoreto
09 May Social Music City, Milan
08 May Culture Box, Copenhagen
02 May Robot Heart Festival, Las Vegas
01 May TBA, Medellian
30 Apr Baum, Bogota
30 Apr The Tube, Modena
25 Apr Club Autonomica at Kesselhaus, Munich
18 Apr Indigo, Istanbul
17 Apr BO18, Beirut
16 Apr Just This, Milan
02 Apr Provocateur, New York
29 Mar Last Resort, Miami
26 Mar Last Night On Earth, Miami
21 Mar Gloss, Milan
20 Mar Bauhaus, Bergamo
13 Mar Culture Box, Copenhagen
07 Mar Qloom, Mantova
22 Feb Pixi, Athens
21 Feb Watergate, Berlin
19 Feb Culture Box, Copenhagen
13 Feb Iris, Abu Dhabi
16 Jan Wilden Renate, Berlin
10 Jan Cirq, Venice
02 Jan La Santanera, Playa del Carmen


31 Dec Bo, Bari
31 Dec Stereo, Montreal
28 Dec Oasi, Brescia
26 Dec Fox, Dubai
20 Dec Gloss Club, Milan
13 Dec Kaleidoskop, Hamburg
13 Dec Unleash, London
21 Nov Boat, Panama
16 Nov Output, New York
15 Nov Underground, Guadalajara
14 Nov Underground, Los Angeles
13 Nov Spin, San Diego
08 Nov Spybar, Chicago
08 Nov Electric Daisy, Orlando
07 Nov Trade, Miami
19 Oct Just This, Amsterdam
17 Oct Audio Obscura, Amsterdam
10 Oct Tribal Tech, San Paolo
03 Oct Hiss, Buenos Aires
26 Sep Culture Box, Copenhagen
12 Sep Fox, Beirut
31 Aug Heaven, Tunisia
30 Aug Terminal, Lione
24 Aug Cirq, Venice
09 Aug Pag, Croatia
29 Jul Tipic, Formentera
26 Jul Bucharest, Romania
24 Jul Tipic, Formentera
19 Jul Timisoara, Romania
12 Jul Miky, Puglia
05 Jul Warung, Itaji
04 Jul D Edge, São Paulo
28 Jun Monarch, San Francisco
21 Jun Output, New York
20 Jun Vulcan, Austin
19 Jun Threehouse, Miami
01 May Culture Box, Copenhagen
13 Apr Cosa Nostra, Malta
05 Apr La Santanera, Playa del Carmen
04 Apr DC310, Mexico City
27 Mar Last Night On Earth, Miami
07 Mar Contact, Milan
22 Feb Indigo, Istanbul
21 Feb Wilde Renate, Berlin
14 Feb The Lab, Kiev
07 Feb The Egg, London
01 Feb Raum 38, Mönchengladbach
24 Jan Contact, Milan
18 Jan Razzmataz, Barcelona
11 Jan Studio 80, Amsterdam


24 Nov Fabric, London
16 Nov Gloss Club, Milan
16 Oct Crobar, Buenos Aires
06 Oct Fanchi Bros, Sidney
05 Oct Sidney
04 Oct Melbourne
31 Aug Playground, Malta
16 Aug Fox, Beirut
09 Aug Pelin, Izmir
31 Jul Tipic, Formentera
28 Jul Ushuaia, Ibiza
16 Jul Tipic, Formentera
07 Jul Ushuaia, Ibiza
06 Jul Prince Charles, Berlin
29 Jun Das Zimmer, Mannheim
22 Jun Jerozolima, Warsaw
02 Jun Hive, Copenhagen
01 Jun Neverland Festival, Porto Cesareo
31 May Peter Pan, Riccione
26 May The Cable, London
25 May Pool Party, Rostov
17 May Csaba, Budapest
11 May Marlboro Event, Bucharest
30 Apr Bestrong, Parma
27 Apr Showcase, Paris
26 Apr Fonderia, Reggio Emilia
19 Apr Tag Club, Venice
20 Mar Niky Beach, Miami
15 Mar BLKMKT, New York
10 Mar Cosa Nostra, Malta
09 Mar Gloss Club, Milan
08 Mar Bau Haus, Bergamo
02 Mar Fabric, London
15 Feb Hive, Zurich
02 Feb Ego, Hamburg
12 Jan Studio 80, Amsterdam
4 Jan Indigo, Istanbul