• Labels Art Imitating Life, Running Back, Permanent Vacation
  • Based Lisbon, Portugal
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Eagles & Butterflies is more than the sum of the labels he’s released. A diehard hardware enthusiast, A consummate artist whose dedication to his craft is deeply ingrained and unwavering,Chris Barratt, has established himself as a formidable act. A lover and producer of various styles of electronic music, Eagles & Butterflies is driven by diverse tastes and an inherent desire to keep evolving. His productions have caught the attention of several key tastemakers in the electronic music world, most recently connecting with Gerd Janson of a highly-respected label, Running Back. With a considered approach to bookings, release, and the development of his upwards trajectory, Eagles & Butterflies has entered a new phase of his career.

At the core of Chris’ creative energy is an innate understanding of the dance floor, from his use of percussion to the highly dynamic melodies and earworm riffs embedded in his music. His productions and DJ sets show a lifelong appreciation of a broad spectrum of music. Embodying the most accurate definition of a musical artist, he refuses to be pigeonholed and limited to genre categorization. Going back to his early years under John Digweed’s wing, there has always been a solid desire to circumvent the limitations of marketing hype and embrace his authentic, multifaceted self. For Eagles & Butterflies, it’s about the feeling and the ability to traverse a range of styles without boundaries. You can hear this on releases for labels such as Running Back, Permanent Vacation, Innervisions, Life & Death, and Correspondent.

If he’s not touring, he’s toiling away in his studio, wrapped up in wires and interacting with his beloved machines. An artist who prefers the tangible experience of playing music on synthesizers and drum machines, he has constantly been refining his craft and modifying his studio since day one. “My passion is waking up and switching my machines on,” he explains. The physical aspect of making and playing music is a crucial part of the creative process for Chris, and his productions benefit from this hands-on approach. Emotive, groovy, human, an Eagles & Butterflies cut is easily distinguished by its high-quality output and impact on the dancefloor. No matter what style he’s producing, the E&B sound is unmistakable. More recently, Chris has turned his hand to visuals, creating artwork and videos for his music for a whole bunch of analog glitch machines. His boundless creativity is channeled into a new avenue, allowed to expand his repertoire and personalize his craft even more.

Future live shows will incorporate Chris’ exploration of visuals into his future live show. As a certified studio hound, his vision for a live performance includes racks of synthesizers and the distinct visual identity he has been cultivating. When he’s performing, Eagles & Butterflies yearns to translate the studio experience to the stage; visceral yet sublime, energized yet emotive, his music is a holistic physical, mental and emotional experience.

For every artist, there are many phases of their creative journey. Naturally, a bonafide creator will push for progression, triggering shifts and leaps in their expression. For Eagles & Butterflies, this continuous process of refinement and shedding old layers to emerge renewed is an essential component of his artistic identity. Finally, Eagles & Butterflies has entered the most crucial career phase so far, where he embraces a liberated approach to making music. With the support of labels like Running Back and Permanent Vacation, he relishes the opportunity to reveal another layer of his multifaceted sonic identity. So, here he is, Eagles & Butterflies, soaring to new heights with a refreshed sound and outlook, driven by the same deep passion and innate talent.

29 Nov TBA, TBA (IT)
28 Nov TBA, TBA (SUI)
06 Aug TBA, TBA (UK)
17 Aug TBA, TBA (BR)
11 Aug TBA, TBA (CAN)
26 Jul Elements, Buenos Aires
13 Jul Off the Record, Seoul
07 Jul Kitty Ko, Bangalore
06 Jul Miss Ginko, Kolkata
05 Jul TBA, TBA (IN)
29 Jun Majahuitas, Puerto Vallarta
27 Jun Vagalume, Tulum
21 Jun Essex, Mexico City
15 Jun Nar Utrecht
08 Jun Waranga Festival, Stuttgart
24 May Salon Amador, Medellín
18 May Sala Kbron, Cali
17 May Private, Mexico
11 May Centered, Hawaii
04 May M2, Miami
28 Apr ELSE, Berlin
27 Apr Moon, Warsaw
26 Apr Luna Club, Kiel
21 Apr Timelapse Festival, Bouznika
12 Apr Central Club, Porto
16 Feb Aionia, New York
03 Feb Essex, Mexico City
02 Feb Disco Radar, Aguascalientes
01 Feb Bar Americas, Guadalajara
27 JAN BPM, Costa Rica
20 Jan Core at Zamna, Tulum
19 Jan Coralina, Playa Del Carmen
12 Jan Silo, Brooklyn


31 Dec Funk, Mexico City
24 Nov FOMO, Baku
18 Nov Fabric, London
28 Oct Cross Border Warriors at Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas
27 Oct City Fox, New York
29 Sep Groove on the Grass at Al AMAARIA VILLAGE, Al Amaaria
20 Sep Komma, Paris
16 Sep EORA at The Warehouse, Limassol
09 Sep TBA, San Diego
07 Sep Deck’D Out, Seattle
30 Aug Hart, Mexico City
27 Aug Rich, San Luis Potosi
26 Aug Majahuitas, Puerto Vallarta
25 Aug Hardpop, Juarez
12 Aug TANZ, São Paulo
11 Aug D-Haus, Campinas
10 Aug La Juanita at Afrika Club, Buenos Aires
07 Aug Pathos, Ios
22 Jul Hive, Zurich
15 Jul NOD, Hammamet
14 Jul KOKO, London
08 Jul Private, Mexico City
07 Jul TBA, Atlanta
02 Jul Confessions, Tulum
01 Jul Majahuitas, PVR
30 Jun Loo Loo, Mexico City
29 Jun Bar Americas, Guadalajara
23 Jun Gewolbe, Cologne
04 Jun StereoBar, Montreal
03 Jun Marko Loco, Tijuana
02 Jun ATLANTIS Boat Cruise, New York
27 May Marvellous Island Festival, Paris
06 May Technoport, Bedis Beach
28 Apr Orgins Festival, Taghazout Bay
22 Apr MONK, Mexico
16 Apr Vagalume, Tulum
14 Apr Loo Loo, Mexico City
13 Apr Bar Americas, Guadalajara
08 Apr 9/11, Talinn
30 Mar Maze, Tel Aviv
25 Mar Culture Box, Copenhagen
19 Mar TBA, Hyderabad
18 Mar Superclub, Bangalore
17 Mar Habibi, Dehli
10 Mar Kablys Club, Vilnius
19 Feb Soma Warehouse, Thessaloniki
04 Feb Warehouse, Nantes
22 Jan Phonique, Mexico
21 Jan Bar Americas, Guadalajara
20 Jan Topaz Delux, Monterrey
14 Jan Chetana, New York
12 Jan MIA, Tulum
09 Jan Ocaso Festival, Costa Rica
06 Jan Zamna, Tulum