• Labels Pampa, Maeve
  • Based Hamburg, Germany
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The iconic „Beau Mot Plage“, a melodic, psychedelic somehow Balearic Dance Track is most certainly the title Isolée is best renowned for and which established him as an innovative Producer in electronic club music at the end of the 90ies and early 2000. While Rajko Müller aka isolée was influenced by 90ies minimal Techno and Deep House Music and looking out for giving his own contribution to the club, he became almost over night one of the figureheads of a new sub-genre that music journalism gave the name of „microhouse“. Actually Rajko never felt devoted to this or any genre in specific, he likes to specify his music as electronic (dance) music in the broadest sense.

Rajko Müller is born in Frankfurt, where he grew up just until starting going to School. That’s when his family decided to move to the Mediterranean harbour-city Oran in Algeria for the next five years, meaning he had to change to a french school and learn french. At that time musical influence mainly came from radio, playing late 70ies music like Bob Marley, and his elder brother bringing home AC/DC tapes from his school mates.

Flipping through his Dads newspaper one day his attention was cought by the Cover of a Record and the Strange Name of a band called „Kraftwerk“: that was so german. No doubt the search for identity at that age in a foreign country made him feel like he needed to have this record. So he asked his Dad to buy it. This was probably the first and only album on tape he ever owned, all later being on vinyl. And it turned out to be good music, suiting to adults as well as to young kids like him and his two brothers now easily singing „we are the robots“.

Back in Germany, as a teenager Rajko was attracted by 80ies Pop and Synth Pop that he tried to imitate with his best friend from school. They bought their first Synthesizer, a Yamaha DX27 and a Tr-505 drummachine, but of course they couldn’t sound like Depeche Mode with that gear. Later in the 80ies Rajko started discovering Frankfurt’s nightclubbing, places called Tekkno-Club playing late 80ies EBM music as well as early 80ies new Wave music or Indie Clubs playing music from the Smith, the Cure and the Violent Femmes.

Friends introduced him to early electronica from Labels like WARP, to Hip-hop and Minimal Techno, names like Robert Hood & Jeff Mills. One of these Friends is Andreas (ND) Baumecker, working at the local record store for club music at that time and starting his carreer as a DJ in Frankfurts „wild pitch Club“. They became flatmates for a while and Nd brought all those new releases home for long listening sessions, introducing Rajko to 90ies Housemusic from labels like Prescription Underground, Chez Damier & Ron Trent as well as Detroit techno.

Now things were going their way as Rajko’s elder brother came up buying now classic synthesizers like a Roland Juno-106 and a SH-101. It was Rajko who ended up using them most of the time instead of his brother. Also it was his elder brother who introduced him to Cubase and using a personal Computer.

It was just a matter of time that his Friend ND took some tapes with these early productions to the record store where Ata & Heiko MSO were working at that time while running their Labels Playhouse, Klang electronic and Ongaku together with Roman Flügel.

The first four Eps led to the breakthrough EP „beau mot plage“ in 1998 being played in the Radio by Sven Väth first. This strange title referring to a beach of Rajko’s childhood in Algeria was then licensed to Classic records in the UK who did a Remix Ep including the gorgeous „freeform Five remix“ that pushed the track even more, being licensed on many Dance compilations at that time.

The much acclaimed first long-player „Rest“ followed shortly after and Clubs started to ask for live performances . At first it wasn’t easy at all to find a way to transfer the recorded home studio work into a Live set that was fun to play but over the years experience, new Software and technologies made things more comfortable.

After several Eps and Remixes, of which Isolée’s „Cardiology“ Remix for Recloose is probably one of the most outstanding, the second long-player appeared in 2005. This was a tough one after the success of Beau Mot Plage and Rest. Instead of taking the same line „we are monster“ became a much more „disco“ and „indie“ influenced Album, becoming a key album to discover electronic music for many listeners not familiar with this genre and was considered of one of the albums of the year.

Meanwhile Rajko has moved to live in Hamburg, which led isolée to Dj Koze’s new Label „Pampa Records“ in 2011. The third Album „well spent youth“ appeared here as well as the so much celebrated tune „allowance“, with it’s catchy synth theme.

Beside several other releases that followed Isolée’s Ep on Maeve Records in 2016 is probably the one to mention, especially the A-Side „pisco“ with it’s percussive and hypnotic groove.

10 Aug TBA, TBA (UK)
19 Feb Kauz, Zurich
27 Jan E1, London


03 Aug Garbicz Festival, PL
18 Aug Waking Life, Crato
25 Jun Odonien, Cologne
19 Jun CDV, Berlin
18 Jun Elysia, Basel

01 Oct Ampere, Antwerp

18 Jan About Blank, Berlin
01 Jan Kater Blau, Berlin

20 Dec Le Sacré, Paris
13 Dec Paradiso, Amsterdam
07 Dec Audio, Geneva
20 Jul Bassmatico @ Cross Club, Prague
01 Jun Diynamic Festival, Amsterdam
31 May Immergut Festival, Neustrelitz
12 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
23 Mar Übel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
16 Mar Ostklang, St Gallen
16 Feb Jaeger, Oslo


15 Dec Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
17 Nov Chalet, Berlin
10 Nov Kauz, Zurich
20 Oct BudX, Lima
22 Sep Heideglühen, Berlin
01 Sep Mojo, Hamburg
28 Jul Bang Bang Boattrip, Gelsenkirchen
14 Jul Panorama Bar, Berlin
19 May Funkhaus, Berlin
09 May Kowalski, Stuttgart
07 Apr Miercóles Electónico, Santiago de Chile