• Labels Pampa, Maeve
  • Based Hamburg, Germany
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Rajko Müller, better known as isolée, is one of the most influential and celebrated electronic artists of the last 25 years. His records dwell on the fringes of club music, summoning surreal atmospheres and deeply evocative moods from abstract sounds and spindly rhythms. The sound he’s most often associated with is microhouse, thanks to two early records that helped define that genre: rest, his first LP, and “beau mot plage,” a timeless club hit that Pitchfork named one of the best house tracks of the ’90s, alongside the likes of Daft Punk, Crystal Waters and Frankie Knuckles. But Müller left that sound behind as quickly as he found it. His 2005 album, we are monster, released at the height of the minimal era, was a critically acclaimed crossover hit, blending mutant disco with deep house and left-field electronica. On his later records for DJ Koze’s Pampa label (well spent youth) and Mano Le Tough’s Maeve (mangroove), Müller streamlined his sound into a quirky, melodic and highly personal brand of house. resort island, his 2023 LP, is a subtle and dreamlike record that shows his sound continuing to expand.

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17 Jul Festival Radio France, Montpellier
14 Jun Electric Wine, Koblenz
26 May Robert Johnson, Offenbach
05 Apr Zenner, Berlin
01 Mar Boogie Box, Dubai
24 Feb La Station, Paris


11 Nov Stereo 621 at MS Connexion Complex, Mannheim
04 Nov Boogie Box Festival, Ras Al Khaimah
09 Sep Zukunft, Zurich
26 Aug Weekender, Triangel
14 Aug 1986 Gallery, Vilnius
12 Aug Houghton, Norfolk
04 Aug Nachti, Olganitz
30 Jul Panorama Bar, Berlin
15 Jul Cala Maka, Puglia
08 Jul Peacock Society, Paris
30 Jun Fusion, Larz
25 Jun Robert Johnson, Offenbach
16 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
10 Jun Gewolbe, Cologne
26 May ELSE, Berlin
25 May Durnitz Night Call, Stuttgart
30 Apr Papaya Playa, Tulum
22 APR Crania, San José del Cabo
21 APR TBA, Monterrey
19 Feb Kauz, Zurich
27 Jan E1, London


03 Aug Garbicz Festival, PL
18 Aug Waking Life, Crato
25 Jun Odonien, Cologne
19 Jun CDV, Berlin
18 Jun Elysia, Basel

01 Oct Ampere, Antwerp

18 Jan About Blank, Berlin
01 Jan Kater Blau, Berlin

20 Dec Le Sacré, Paris
13 Dec Paradiso, Amsterdam
07 Dec Audio, Geneva
20 Jul Bassmatico @ Cross Club, Prague
01 Jun Diynamic Festival, Amsterdam
31 May Immergut Festival, Neustrelitz
12 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
23 Mar Übel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
16 Mar Ostklang, St Gallen
16 Feb Jaeger, Oslo


15 Dec Papaya Playa Project, Tulum
17 Nov Chalet, Berlin
10 Nov Kauz, Zurich
20 Oct BudX, Lima
22 Sep Heideglühen, Berlin
01 Sep Mojo, Hamburg
28 Jul Bang Bang Boattrip, Gelsenkirchen
14 Jul Panorama Bar, Berlin
19 May Funkhaus, Berlin
09 May Kowalski, Stuttgart
07 Apr Miercóles Electónico, Santiago de Chile