• Labels Each Other / Deewee
  • Based New York, USA
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Few DJs could adequately represent the last three decades of New York nightclub history – no less do so with such iconic credentials as Justin Strauss. Since he was 17, when his first band was signed to Island Records, Justin has had a career that reads like a Who’s-Who of the music scene, spinning at nearly every dance club that you’d ever want to go to. Starting as DJ at New York’s legendary Mudd Club, he spun his way through The Ritz, Limelight, Area, Tunnel, M.K., Life, Centro Fly and more, pioneering his own distinctive sound, and becoming one of the most sought-after remixers and producers not just in New York, but in the world. He has worked with the gamut of artists – Depeche Mode, Hot Chip, Sergio Mendez, Tina Turner, Jimmy Cliff, B-52s, Luther Vandross, 808 State, Malcolm McClaren, Skinny Puppy, Goldfrapp, LCD Soundsystem to name a few and on over 200 records!

Much of the new dance crowd that goes to hear Justin DJ today, doesn’t necessarily know his history; they simply love his spinning because he always keeps them dancing and surprised, seamlessly mixing between choice classics, delectable rarities and innovative beats. For Justin, no genre or style is off-limits – he can and will mix anything, so long as he can keep the crowd enthralled. His self-proclaimed mission is “connecting the dots” between what might otherwise seem disparate musical periods and styles, while introducing exciting new sounds. He does so with infectious passion, subverting preconceptions about what’s old and new, and inspiring young DJs with his masterful skill and ever-youthful spirit.

But Justin Strauss doesn’t stop there. As half of the production duos, Whatever/Whatever and A/JUS/TED, he continued to produce and mix records, working on remixes for the likes of Hot Chip, William Onyeabor,LCD Soundsystem, Blood Orange, Holy Ghost!, Franz Ferdinand, Beyonce. Working on new projects Extra Credit with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip & Marcus Marr, as as well as Moscoman and Lauer and Soulwax with a new release on Deewee with Max Pask, under the Each Other moniker. Touring the world Dj’ing at Panorama Bar in Berlin, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, Zunkunft in Zurich to name a few. In fact, he doesn’t stop at all.

28 Jun Outer Heaven, NYC
08 Jun Nightmoves, NYC
24 May Glen Falls House, NYC
18 May Cafeteria, Toronto
11 May Nightmoves, NYC
04 May Mansions, NYC
02 May Good Room, NYC
27 Apr Outer Heaven, NYC
21 Apr Horse Meet Disco, Lodnon
20 Apr Charlie, Munich
19 Apr Opium, Vilnius
13 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
12 Apr Cecil AM, Copenhagen
30 Mar Balams Den, Dallas
16 Mar Outer Heaven, NYC
01 Mar Public Records, NYC
24 Feb Good Room, NYC
10 Feb Nightmoves, NYC
08 Feb Elsewhere, NYC
21 Jan Eavesdrop, NYC
12 Jan Gabriela, NYC
06 Jan Outer Heaven, NYC


31 Dec Good Room, NYC
22 Dec House of Yes, NYC
16 Dec Outer Heaven, NYC
10 Dec Nightmoves, NYC
01 Dec Jolene, Miami
26 Nov Eavesdrop, NYC
11 Nov Nightmoves, NYC
21 Oct Good Room, NYC
15 Oct Nightmoves, NYC
13 Oct Outer Heaven, NYC
30 Sep Tabaqueros Tabaqueros, Mexico City
29 Sep Aguayofest, Mexico City
24 Sep Outer, NYC
15 Sep Nightmove, NYC
03 Sep Nowaday, NYC
25 Aug Jupiter Disco, NYC
19 Aug Joelene, NYC
18 Aug Elsewhere, NYC
12 Aug Nightmoves, NYC
11 Aug Outer Heaven, NYC
22 Jul Public Records, NYC
16 Jul Eavesdrop, NYC
14 Jul Outer Heaven, NYC
09 Jul Nightmoves, NYC
03 Jul Summer of Joy, NYC
24 Jun BLITZ, Munich
23 Jun Opium Limitied Edition, Palanga
17 Jun Outer Heaven, NYC
10 Jun Language at Brownstone Quarry, Portland (CT)
29 May House of Yes, NYC
26 May Joleen, Brooklyn
21 May Eavesdrop, NYC
13 May Nightmoves, NYC
04 May Bossa Nova Civic Club, NYC
27 Apr Jolene Sound Room, Brooklyn
15 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
14 Apr Cecil AM, Copenhagen
08 Apr Nightmoves, NYC
31 Mar TBA, Brooklyn
11 Mar Nightmoves, NYC
09 Mar Middlesex, Cambridge
25 Feb Black Flamingo, NYC
19 Feb Sunday Sunday, Mexico City
11 Feb Public Records, NYC
22 Jan Eavesdrop, NYC
15 Jan Nightmoves, NYC
07 Jan Millagrossa, NYC
01 Jan Hot For You, NYC


31 Dec Good Room, NYC
10 Dec Nightmoves, NYC
09 Dec Elsewhere, NYC
26 Nov Public Records, NYC
23 Nov Hard Rock Hotel, NYC
20 Nov Eavesdrop, NYC
19 Nov RA at Nowadays, NYC
12 Nov Paragon, NYC
04 Nov Bowery Ballroom, NYC
28 Oct House of Yes, NYC
22 Oct Marble Bar, Detroit
21 Oct Black Flamingo, NYC
08 Oct Système, Montreal
01 Oct Gouranga, NYC
29 Sep Nightmoves, NYC
17 Sep Paragon, NYC
10 Sep Bar Part Time, San Fracisco
07 Sep Le Bain, NYC
13 Aug Nightmoves, NYC
05 Aug Good Room, NYC
31 Jul Millagrossa, NYC
17 Jul Eavesdrop, NYC
09 Jul Nightmoves, NYC
25 Jun Glastonbury, Somerset
24 Jun Nitsa, Barcelona
03 Jun Good Room, Brooklyn
29 May Battle Hymn, NYC
27 May Summer Of Joy, NY
14 May House Of Yes, NYC
01 May Sunday Sunday, Mexico City
30 Apr TOPAZdeluxe, Monterrey
29 Apr Lenor, Mexico City
24 Apr Eavesdrop, NY
16 Apr Good Room, NYC
09 Apr Nightmoves, NYC
02 Apr Cecil AM, Copenhagen
01 Apr Hen’s Teeth, Dublin
26 Mar Lux, Lisbon
19 Mar TBA, Brooklyn
12 Mar Nightmoves, NYC
11 Mar Public Records, NYC
27 Feb Good Room, NYC
18 Feb Gouranga, NYC
13 Feb Nightmoves, NYC
29 Jan Millagrossa, NYC
22 Jan Nightmoves, NYC

31 Dec Good Bar, NYC
23 Dec Good Bar, NYC
11 Dec Nightmoves, NYC
20 Nov Charlie, Munich
19 Nov Zukunft, Zurich
13 Nov Coma Club, Copenhagen
06 Nov Good Room, NYC
22 Oct Music hall of Williamsburg, NYC
20 Oct Club Room, NYC
09 Oct Nightmoves, NYC
02 Oct Good Room, NYC
19 Sep Hot For You, NYC
18 Sep Elsewhere, NYC
17 Sep Flash, DC
04 Sep Black Flamingo, NYC
21 Aug Nightmoves, NYC
14 Aug Elsewhere, Brooklyn
31 Jul TBA, Brooklyn
03 Jul Our House, NYC
13 Jun Baila, New York
12 Jun Elsewhere Rooftop, NYC


27 Mar La millagrossa, Brooklyn
21 Mar Good Room, New York
20 Mar Birdcage at Le Bain, New York
14 Mar The Lot Radio Anniversary at Elsewhere, Brooklyn
11 Mar Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn
01 Mar Le Bain, New York
29 Feb Soho Grand, New York
23 Feb Public Records, Brooklyn
21 Feb Good Room, New York
01 Feb Floyd, Miami
31 Jan Elsewhere, Brooklyn
29 Jan Good Room, New York
19 Jan Horse Meat Disco at ​Elsewhere, Brooklyn
18 Jan Good Room, New York


31 Dec Good Room, New York
13 Dec HARDER at ​3 Dollar Bill, New York
01 Dec Birdcage at ​Le Bain, New York
27 Nov Black Flamingo, New York
22 Nov House of Yes, New York
17 Nov Public Records, New York
16 Nov Solarplexia at ​Brooklyn Bazaar, New York
15 Nov Good Room, New York
31 Oct Miranda, London
25 Oct Firehouse x Correspondant at ​Good Room, New York
18 Oct Le Bain, New York
02 Oct Panorama Bar, Berlin
26 Sep Good Room, New York
13 Sep Elsewhere, Brooklyn
07 Sep Good Room, New York
25 Aug Sunday Sunday at ​Tabaqueros 16, Mexico City
16 Aug Le Bain, New York
03 Aug The Sultan Room, New York
26 Jul Good Room, New York
18 Jul Ant Bangos 2019 at ​Kupolas, Lithuania
06 Jul XOYO, London
27 Jun Black Flamingo, New York
22 Jun Rsvparty, Montreal
21 Jun No One Cares, Brooklyn
07 Jun Big Love 2019, Rennes
01 Jun Good Room, New York
31 May Bossa Nova Civic Club, New York
25 May TV Lounge, Detroit
19 May Domply Ultimo Mergulho at ​Vila Alexandrino, Rio de Janeiro
17 May Caos, Sao Paulo
20 Apr Charlie, Munich
18 Apr Zukunft, Zurich
13 Apr Panorama Bar, Berlin
31 Mar Le Bain, New York
29 Mar The Paper Box, New York
02 Mar TBA, Montreal
01 Mar Good Room, New York
28 Feb Elsewhere, New York
16 Feb Black Flamingo, New York
09 Feb The Lot Radio 3 Year Anniversary, New York
01 Feb Good Room, New York
20 Jan Elsewhere, Brooklyn
12 Jan Tell Me Truly at ​Baby’s All Right, New York
09 Jan Good Room, Brooklyn