Iron Curtis

Mirau | Retreat | Smallville | Based in Berlin Germany

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Iron Curtis’ pieces originate in a place simultaneously tuned to the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and Hamburg. In his home town of Nurnberg, Johannes Paluka is more familiarly known under his surname, which he goes by at the turntable. Intertwining Deep-House with soulful Techno in a disturbingly enchanting manner, his sound moves in the equilibrium of reduced, but never minimal. Flashes of kitsch brighten the dark universe of Iron Curtis, but fail to interfere with the melancholy subtext. Profound music for the dance floor! He is currently living in Berlin and releasing for Mirau, Morris Audio, JackOff, Retreat, and Mule Electronic.


Care EP – Hudd Trax

The K.M.S. Years EP – Office Recordings

Moon (aka Johannes Albert & Iron Curtis) – Ze Power – Frank Music

Love Commitment – Retreat

Remember – Closer

Iron Curtis & Leaves Present SMPL – Hello Ada – Black Keys

Daniel – Smallville

Spirals EP – Polytone Records

Never give up EP – Midnight Shift

Glazing EP – Retreat

Soft Wide Waist Band LP – Mirau

Thoughts On EP – 4Lux

Just Us (And Them) EP – Jackoff

Til You Go EP – Morris/Audio

Stansfield EP – Hudd Traxx

Way back home EP – Mule Electronic

There and then EP – Morris Audio Citysport Edition

Goma EP – Kolour Recordings

Stumbled Across EP – Retreat

J.E.E.P. – Answering machine (Iron Curtis Remix) – Carry On

Akra – Tunnelvision (Iron Curtis Chant Mix) – Teng On

Hot Coins – Freestyle Lover (Iron Curtis Remix) – Sonar Kollektiv On

Jay Shepheard – String Theory (Iron Curtis Remix) – Retrofit On

Me Succeeds – Seventeen (Iron Curtis Remix) – Ki Records On

Leslie Clio – I couldn’t care less (Iron Curtis Remix) – Vertigo/Universal On

Jacob Korn – She (Iron Curtis Remix) – Uncanny Valley On

Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Golden Snake (Iron Curtis Remix) – The Exquisite Pain On

Tom Demac – Ten from Seventeen (Iron Curtis Remix) – liebe*detail On

Ripperton – City Lights (Iron Curtis Remix) – Tamed Musiq On

Mano Le Tough – Let’s Love Baby (Iron Curtis Remix) – Dirt Crew Recordings


After an industrious first half of 2015 with releases on Hudd Traxx, Office Recordings and Frank Music (together with label owner Johannes Albert as ‘Moon’) and a fair amount of time on the road, the second half of the year is looking to be no less busy for Iron Curtis. This summer, the Berlin based artist will embark on his second tour through Australia and play his first shows in New Zealand.

For later in the year releases on Uncanny Valley are lined up, SMPL (Iron Curtis & Leaves) will make their return with an EP on Black Keys and Achterbahn d’Amour (Iron Curtis & Jürgen Albert) are to release new material on Californian power label Acid Test.
Moreover, Rumor has it that a new Iron Curtis solo album is almost complete and will see the light of day soon.


29 Apr Whiskey Jar, Manchester
08 Apr Die Registratur, Munich
31 Mar Remix, Davos
25 Mar Wilden Renate, Berlin
24 Mar Tante Emma & Cloud 9, Innsbruck
03 Mar About Blank, Berlin
19 Apr Liberty & Justice for all at Ostbahnhof, Los Angeles
06 Feb Dublab, Los Angeles
03 Feb Amoeba, Hollywood
21 Jan Dig Deeper, Los Angeles
14 Jan Tresor, Berlin


30 Dec TBA, Dresden
15 Dec Musicbox, Lisbon
10 Dec Kalif Storch, Erfurt
26 Nov Goethebunker, Essen
19 Nov Tresor, Berlin
20 Oct Farbfernseher, Berlin
14 Oct Wilden Renate, Berlin
01 Oct Stadtgarten, Erfurt
30 Sep Trio-Club, Amberg
08 Aug Tresor, Berlin
01 Jul Tresor, Berlin
24 Jun Bellona Club, Lyon
23 Jun Ritter Butzke, Berlin
28 May Wilden Renate, Berlin
07 May Loftus Hall, Berlin
01 May Vabrique, Berlin
21 Apr Schirmherrschaft, Regensburg
16 Apr Schon Schön, Mainz
01 Apr La Java, Paris
26 Mar Kater Blau, Berlin
28 Feb Galerie Kurzweil, Darmstadt
20 Feb Wilde Renate, Berlin
12 Feb Golem, Hamburg
30 Jan Zentralcafe K4, Nürnberg
29 Jan Prince Charles. Berlin
16 Jan L’Autre Scène, Avignon
09 Jan Das Lokal, Wroclaw, Poland

28 Dec B018, Beirut
12 Dec Weyde³, Berlin
04 Dec JackWho, Cologne
27 Nov Radion, Amsterdam
16 Nov Tresor, Berlin
14 Nov The Whiskey Jar, Manchester
13 Nov Albani Music Club , Winterthur
30 Oct About Blank, Berlin
24 Oct Die Registratur, Munich
23 Oct Carré Coast, Biarritz
16 Oct Griessmühle, Berlin
10 Oct Kontur, Würzburg
09 Oct Zentralcafe, Nurnberg
26 Sep Unten, Kassel
19 Sep Uncanny Valley Anniversary, Dresden
10 Sep OHM, Berlin
27 Aug Farbfernseher, Berlin
22 Aug Ost-Apotheke Leipzig
15 Aug Idylle Festival, Endsdorf
11 Aug Golden Pudel, Hamburg
08 Aug About Blank, Berlin
01 Aug Fabric, London
26 Jul TBA, Auckland
25 Jul Matterhorn, Wellington
12 Jul TBA, TBA
11 Jul Spice, Sydney
04 Jul Boney, Melbourne
11 Jun Propaganda, Moscow
05 Jun Heideglühen, Berlin
30 May Mosaique Club, St.Petersburg
24 May The Horse & Groom, London
22 May Cube, Heidelberg
16 May Ruigoord Church, Amsterdam
15 May Wilden Renate, Berlin
10 May Achterbahn D’amour @ Else, Berlin
02 May Achterbahn D’amour @ About Blank, Berlin
30 Apr Griessmühle, Berlin
28 Mar Sass, Vienna
27 Mar Dough House, Frankfurt
21 Mar Jetztmusic Festival, Mannheim
19 Mar Achterbahn D’amour @ Chalet, Berlin
25 Feb Achterbahn D’amour @ Paloma Bar, Berlin
07 Feb The South William, Dublin
31 Jan Chalet, Berlin
23 Jan Ritter Butzke, Berlin
10 Jan Achterbahn D’amour @ Tresor, Berlin
09 Jan Arena, Berlin
03 Jan About Blank, Berlin


31 Dec Sirup Club, Zagreb
27 Dec Achterbahn D’amour @ About Blank, Berlin
26 Dec Tresor, Berlin
19 Dec Chalet, Berlin
13 Dec Hot Mass, Pittsburgh
12 Dec General Lee’s, Los Angeles
06 Dec IPSE, Berlin
02 Nov Wilden Renate, Berlin
23 Oct Achterbahn D’amour @ Ohm, Berlin
12 Oct Output, New York
08 Oct Watergate, Berlin
04 Oct Achterbahn D’amour @ Nochtwache, Hamburg
20 Sep Chalet, Berlin
19 Sep 101 Club, Clermont-Ferrand
12 Sep Batofar, Paris
03 Sep Farbfernseher, Berlin
30 Aug Idylle Festival, Ensdorf
23 Aug Sonnendeck Festival @ Desi, Nurnberg
16 Aug Prince Charles, Berlin
26 Jul About Blank, Berlin
19 Jul Kyo, Singapore
13 Jul Griessmuhle, Berlin
27 Jun Wilden Renate, Berlin
07 Jun Loftus Hall, Berlin
29 May Achterbahn D’amour @ Rote Sonne, Munich
28 May Badaboum, Paris
24 May Lighthouse Festival, Porec (Croatia)
16 May Baising House, London
10 May Achterbahn D’amour @ Golem, Hamburg
09 May Achterbahn D’amour @ Wilden Renate, Berlin
30 Apr Wilden Renate, Berlin
26 Apr IPSE, Berlin
05 Apr Chalet, Berlin
28 Mar La Bellevilloise, Paris
21 Mar Bazaar, Brussels
15 Mar Goethebunker, Essen
14 Mar Crucifix Lane, London
07 Mar Golden Gate, Berlin
28 Feb Zukunft, Zurich
22 Feb Achterbahn D’amour @ Glazart, Paris
21 Feb Logo, Lyon
15 Feb Centro Cultural Rio Verde, Sao Paulo
14 Feb MWW, Florianopolis
07 Feb Achterbahn D’amour @ Zentralcafe, Nurnberg
01 Feb Achterbahn D’amour @ About Blank, Berlin
25 Jan Dance Tunnel, London
18 Jan Tresor, Berlin
03 Jan Nachtasyl, Hamburg


14 Dec myu:zik at Schlachthof, Krefeld
06 Dec Prince Charles, Berlin
30 Nov Achterbahn D’Amour @ Humboldthain, Berlin
21 Nov Badaboum, Paris (to be rescheduled)
16 Nov Wilden Renate, Berlin
02 Nov Achterbahn D’Amour @ Loftus Hall, Berlin
01 Nov Arena, Berlin
22 Oct Cookies, Berlin
19 Oct Factory Club, Milan
12 Oct Sfinks 700, Sopot
10 Oct Achterbahn D’amour at Golden Pudel, Hamburg
05 Oct Bar Romantica, Stuttgart
02 Oct Pumping Velvet at K4 Zentralcafe, Nurnberg
28 Sep Insula Cafe, Nantes
27 Sep La Java, Paris
21 Sep Studio Martin, Bucharest
20 Sep Ritterbuzke, Berlin
24 Aug Papaya Playa, Tulum
23 Aug NMD, Mexico City
17 Aug MiM, Chicago
16 Aug TBA, Brooklyn
09 Aug A Club Called Rhonda, Los Angeles
03 Aug about blank, Berlin
27 Jul Summercamp @ Glazart, Paris
26 Jul about blank, Berlin
06 Jul Griessmuehle, Berlin
22 Jun Body & Soul Festival, Athboy
21 Jun 2 Beach, Salerno
15 Jun Achterbahn D’amour at About Blank, Berlin
13 Jun Achterbahn D’amour at The Book Club, London
11 Jun Cookies, Berlin
08 Jun Achterbahn D’amour at K4 Zentralcafe, Nurnberg
31 May Achterbahn D’amour at Wilde Renate, Berlin
29 May Watergate, Berlin
25 May Chalet, Berlin
16 May Weekend Club, Berlin
04 May Achterbahn D’amour at Stattbad Wedding, Berlin
03 May Club L’hibou, Dresden
01 May Locke Muller Open Air, Berlin
27 Apr About Blank, Berlin
26 Apr Wilde Renate, Berlin
12/20 Apr US Tour Delayed
31 Mar Czerwony Ratusz, Szczecin
24 Mar Prince Charles, Berlin
23 Mar La Ruche, Lausanne
22 Mar Golem, Hamburg
15 Mar K4, Nuremberg
07 Mar Weekend, Berlin
01 Mar Air, Tokyo
27 Feb Achterbahn D’Amour at Paolma Bar, Berlin
22 Feb Corsica Studios, London
15 Feb Shoop! at Slakthuset, Stockholm
09 Feb Arma 17, Moscow
02 Feb Achterbahn D’Amour at Tresor, Berlin
01 Feb The Squat, Tel Aviv
25 Jan Chalet, Berlin
18 Jan Prince Charles, Berlin